Friday, August 01, 2014

Trade Deadline

The trade deadline sure brings out the idiots. Matt Chernoff was not being sucked in – he was responding by defending the Braves and adding details the dummies had forgotten. Some people have long forgotten the phrase "better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you're a fool than it open it and remove all doubt". 

All the "Braves won't do anything" will have to eat their words. They'll just say they didn't do enough. But Wren got exactly what they needed most: the second best left-handed reliever and a hot-hitting, versatile player for the bench to replace the woeful Jordan Schager and struggling Luis Avilan. Shows the fans they're in it to win it.

Did not know that about Prado being traded to the Yankees. Good for him.

Standing in line at Gwinnett I met a guy in the Facebook "Bobblehead Addicts" group. I joined, and quickly traded for a Lynchburg Evan Gattis. Most members are content to trade, but some are sellers. Lots of Californians trading all the dolls the Dodgers, Giants, A's, and Angels give away. Interesting to see what people have to offer. The Freeman bobblehead is SELLING for $150.00 on EBAY - but is anyone BUYING the Freeman bobblehead for $150.00? I've had my Bobby Cox bobblehead for sale for $140.00 for months. Cox is in the Hall of Fame, but no one has bought it.

M went to Monday's day game. Woke up at 5:45 am, showered, and rode with Will down to the Piedmont Chickfila, where he ate a biscuit and hung out until it was time to meet his group at church. They tailgated outside Turner Field before the game. Then 4 or 5 boys had a sleepover, ate pancakes and hotdogs, played Mario Cart, and went to Sweetwater Park. Took me til late Monday to start feeling 100%. Didn't get home until almost 8 pm Monday night. Worked til six then went to library and Kroger. Starting to knock out the rest of the Zimmer book.

Tuesday I worked until 5:45. Picked up M at Cumberland Mall at eight. Did not try to stay up for the Braves game.

Stopped by Kroger on the way home on Wednesday. Cooked burgers and fries for A and M. I only ate a few fries. A and M watched a RedBox movie. I washed and folded clothes while watching Duck Dynasty. Had to take Barney outside at 4 am.

We have our new TV all set up and running, but need two remotes to run it. But I don't know how to attach the DVD player or Apple TV to the new TV. Maybe Will can. Wednesday night I moved the DVD player back in the other room so A could watch her movie. Still need to hook up the old big TV in the other room.

Anna was alsohaving problems getting her Perimeter College orientation stuff to run on the computer. She has to finish that before she can register. Before Ceil left town she downloaded a computer program on our desktop. Not sure it is working properly. Now she wanted me to undo a bunch of stuff. I wouldn't know where to begin.

From Rob: Good trade by the Braves! I think Smoltz being in the media now, and the Cox/Maddux/Glavine attention this year will make the election closer than it would have been without those things.  However, I still think he will have to wait. I have also changed my opinion on the Hall.  In the past, I favored a "big" Hall that would include the likes of Dale Murphy, Jack Morris, etc.  Now I think there is something to be said for keeping the Hall "small" - only the greatest of the greats.  However I still hope they avoid another year like '12 when nobody was elected.

Me: I agree about Smoltz. Too many candidates next year. Funny how Maddux, Glavine, and Cox were all lobbying for him. Also funny how the Gwinnett Braves had a day to honor Mark Bowman.

I'll have to ask my ex-roommate Tom where he stayed for his HOF visit. Probably flew in from Louisville or Cincinnati. Might've drove. He posted a lot of pictures on FB. The Cooperstown Dreams Park ought to rent out their barracks for the HOF weekend. Like a camp, it is not air conditioned and just has bunkbeds. You have to walk to the nearby shower building. No facilities for women, though.

Ceil's father is struggling to recover from last week's heart surgery in Charleston. Ceil has been down there the whole time, but came back Thursday. Her dad is doing a little better, but he has a long way to go.

Busy at work. People retire and their replacements aren't properly trained. Others are given instructions, but don't follow them. Some employees just don't care. Not sure people completely understand what I do. Hard to do what I need to do because I'm constantly correcting the mistakes of others.

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