Thursday, August 14, 2014

Back Home

Got home at 12:30 am. Long day yesterday. Good service. Will spoke, did a good job. Lots to catch up on at work. Hopefully can take off Friday afternoon to move Will into his rental in Athens. David Norman wedding Saturday, which squeezes the weekend.

Ceil and Anna come home Sunday after spending Saturday night in Clemson with her mom.

I just reviewed Kimbrel's inning. As shaky as he's been, if he is blowing saves it doesn't matter how good or bad the rest of the team is. The AJC writer said Justin Upton threw to the wrong base (second). Had he throw to third he would've nailed the baserunner.

Fuddruckers is still one of my top burgers. Bun is baked fresh on site, not too big. Then you can add whatever toppings you want.

I don't know when I last ate a burger (Last Thursday). Of course this week I ate too much – chicken, desserts, etc. Everyone was saying they had eaten too much. I counted over 30 desserts people had brought. Didn't bring much home because my little car was packed full: Will, Matthew, Barney, and all our luggage.

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