Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Catching Up

Ceil came home last Thursday night. Will cooked chicken and vegetables. A and M and W and MC watched the Liam Nissan movie where he was a federal marshal on a plane. Ceil was too tired to notice, but I gave her the stamps. The war bonds sticker peeled off, so I put it in my scrapbook.

Since last week was so busy, Friday I was able to catch up on a lot of odds and ends. Went through a lot of paperwork that had piled up and updated lots of files. Some of the stuff was back when I was on vacation. Still have a lot to do.

Friday evening C took A and C back to school shopping. Drove M to his sleepover. He was trying to wrangle a ride back to Douglasville, where his crowd is headed to Buffalo Wild Wings, but event fell through. Instead he went to a sleepover with lifelong friends Daniel, Nathan, and John. Will and MC were tied up with the Georgia Miss Distinguished Young Women Pageant Friday and Saturday.

Woke up Saturday and cleaned upstairs. Got the emissions tested in the CRV. Did the dishes and laundry, folded clothes, worked on EBay, watched the Yankees/Red Sox, GBraves, and Braves/Padres. Picked up M from his sleepover.

Sunday I woke up sick. Sneezed all day. Wore socks and shoes all day. Drove M to Passion. Bought two schoolbooks on line using my Amazon gift cards. Renewed the car tags. Anna got home late because they got lost and her friend’s electric car ran out of battery.  

Late Sunday morning Ceil left for Charleston. Her father is doing better. Supposedly his attitude is better, which probably helped. From time to time Ceil picks up chicken at Publix. More often she gets Publix wings for Matthew.

Isn’t Nick Nolte in Prince of Tides? (Yes, and Barbara Streisand). I started watching it but couldn’t finish. I might own the VHS tape of Prince of Tides. I need to see if A Time to Kill is on Netflix (it isn’t).

Things I did not buy at thrift stores this weekend: red Callaway golf bag, New York Giants kids helmet, Jacksonville Jaguars kids helmet, red Nikes, black Asics, tan Merrells, brown loafers, black Hauraches, a Michael Vick jersey, and a Terrell Owens jersey. Nor did I buy the $145.00 old timey baseball glove I wanted on Amazon. Spend that money on schoolbooks.

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