Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wahoo Mike

I recently gained a new Twitter follower: Mike McIntee. Mike writes for The Late Show with David Letterman, and only follows 132 others. Unlike most comedy writers he did not attend a liberal university (that I know of). Pretty sure he came from a working class family and previously worked as a policeman. McIntee writes the recaps of each show for the Letterman website, often adding bits on other things happening in his world: football news, a family event, etc. In the early 2000's I would read his column every day, and often email him my thoughts. Our kids are the same age, and we shared an interest in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer trivia (is the elf's name Hermie or Herbie – or Heymie?). Mike doesn't tweet much. Probably saves his best bits for his column, dubbed the Wahoo Gazette. Doubt he remembers our long ago communications. But it's always a thrill to be followed by a professional. As usual, since then I haven't thought of anything funny to tweet.

People on Facebook were taking a short quiz to tell them what profession they should've gone into. I tried to answer the questions honestly. According to this test, I should've been a Writer. I'm sure Rob Suggs would disagree. Blogs are fun it look back at what we were experiencing in the midst of a particular season. I have a few blog readers – I know who only a few of them are. It's very rare that people comment – perhaps I should relax the restrictions. My post of David Norman's wedding drew a few more readers than normal, though I did not post it to Facebook. I am thinking about posting my GT prediction (8-4) blog post to FB, to try and draw some opinions.

Matthew sometimes checks my blog, to see what I'm saying about him, I guess. Last week we used the blog as a resource for a school project he was working on. Perhaps one day my grandkids will search my blog to learn details about how their parent grew up. I save a lot of little knickknacks. Perhaps the scrapbook calendars I tape together every year will become a treasured possession. Or maybe they'll get trashed after I die.

A veteran purchasing employee scolded our new employee Amanda in an email, admonishing her to "never do that again!" I suggested she reply by saying "I'll try to do better tomorrow on my second day at work." Wisely, she did not take my advice. But since Amanda is getting married in a few weeks, getting a new last name gives her an out. She can say whatever she wants, then change her email to her new name. Wisely, she did not take my advice.

Went to bed early Monday night after not getting much sleep Sunday night. Didn't turn on that Awards Show (the VMA's?). My throat is still a little sore. Ceil's been sick as well. She took a NyQuil and was zonked out. At 12:30 am Matthew needed help on his homework, so we knocked out the algebra. He has half asleep, and later fell asleep on the couch after I went back to bed. Ceil had baked a nice burrito dish before going off to pray with friends. We still have a jam packed fridge. Yesterday I had leftover BBQ for lunch. Today baked chicken from Anna's birthday dinner.

Football Picks:

Penn State – UCF: Central Florida has a new, inexperienced QB. Penn State has a new head coach. Game is being played in Ireland at 8 am local time. Penn State mad because UCF beat them last year. I pick Penn State.

Clemson-UGA: Both team have new QB's. I like UGA's QB better than Clemson's Stout, or his freshman backup. The difference in last year's game was WR Samy Watkins, who is now in the NFL. UGA has their running game back – also a more experienced kicking game. The Dawgs lost a close one on the road last year to an experienced, senior QB. Georgia wins at home.  
Wisconsin-LSU: LSU is loaded, even with a new QB. Wisconsin loses by 2-3 touchdowns.
Miami-Louisville. The Cardinals have a new coach and QB. Petrino is a good coach, but Miami is big, fast, talented, and healthy. Louisville just might pull an upset, but I'll stick with the Canes.

Next Monday I'm meeting a guy to trade an old Cox bobblehead and Andruw statue for a Dodger Don Sutton and the Gattis bobblehead I missed last month. I have three ticket deals to use, though I might only make it to two more games. You know I am green with envy whenever DOB posts a bobblehead photo.

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