Saturday, August 09, 2014

Beltran < Chipper

Switch-hitter Carlos Beltran is winding down a great career. Many in the media will call him one of the all-time great switch hitters, but don’t believe the hype. Beltran ranks a step below Hall of Fame switch-hitters Chipper Jones, Mickey Mantle, and Eddie Murray. Currently playing for the Yankees, Beltran is a doubtful candidate for the Hall of Fame.


Unlike Beltran and Murray, both Chipper and Mantle retired with fewer strikeouts than walks – and had a much higher OPS (over .925). Beltran’s ratio of strikeouts to walks is 3/2.

..RBI...BB....K..(Baseball Reference Fan EloRater)
1623.1512.1409.Chipper (24)
1733.1733.1710.Mickey (9)
1917.1333.1516.Eddie (48)
1367.0959.1482.Carlos (114)

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