Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Lots of visitors to the house. Most bring food. Crowd grew last night after work. House was full. Didn't get the food set out for dinner until 8:30. About 30-40 ate with us.

Funeral is Wednesday afternoon. Will and his cousin are speaking, along with 3-4 preachers. I hope to bring the boys back Wednesday night.

Haven't been able to get out my laptop or get on the desktop.

One lady just brought a whole bunch of chips and dip and cookies. It was a huge hit with the grandchildren. Our dog Barney stays inside most of the time. He hasn't been run over yet.

Went to Charlotte early this morning to visit a shop for work. Arrived back in Jefferson around 11:30.

While I liked some characters that Robin Williams played in movies, like Teddy Roosevelt in Night at the Museum. Others I thought were over the top, like Mork from Ork and Mrs Doubtfire. He wasn't one of my favorite comedians or actors. Some say his suicide is a terrible tragedy, others have the opinion that depression is a choice, not a disease.

Another debate currently raging is about the Christian musician/amateur theologian Gungor decreeing that the Genesis creation account is far from literal. Many of Gungor's followers were enraged to discover that some refused to agree with Gungor's opinion, and in fact outright disagreed. I suppose it isn't the first or last time people have interpreted the Bible differently.

Nestlé has invested heavily in this area to bottle spring water. This region is sitting on a huge aquifer, and is supposed to have some of the best water in the world.

Just pecked out this entire message on my smart phone with one thumb.

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