Thursday, August 28, 2014

While the US Slept

ISIS. Terrorism. I am far from expert on these subjects, though every day my worst fears are being realized. Some of my facts may be off, so don’t quote me. While I am secure in my faith in God and do not fear death or suffering, I hate seeing my once Christian country crumble around me. 

While the US continues to be caught up in the ridicule of Christianity, the glorification of self and sexuality, and reliance of government to give rather than have individuals provide for themselves, a much more dangerous threat has moved in and lives among us. The United States of America prides itself on being open to all. Unfortunately these days that also means all who sneak into our country illegally. But among the flood of illegal immigrants slivers a more dangerous foe: terrorists linked to the take-no-prisoners army known as ISIS.

As in France, Muslims have come to the US to fill service jobs deemed beneath the dignity of Americans – like fast food and convenience stores. The number one baby name in Great Britain is Muhammad. In France Islam has become the dominant religion. In the United States and Europe followers of Islam have taken over some communities to the point where local police stay away in fear. In New England a Muslim protested a local restaurant’s sign promoting bacon, forcing the establishment to take it down. A national outcry ensued, but this is merely the tip of the iceberg.

For decades college campuses have been well populated by Muslims who have come to America for an education. Back in the 70’s this was the case when I was in school, and the numbers have only grown in the 35 years since. Many stay. Some assimilate and adopt the beliefs and values shared my most Americans. You see them at work, walking around the neighborhood, out shopping, and driving on the roads. A few become Christians.

ISIS has raked in hundreds of millions in ransoms from European governments to release hostages. The US does not negotiate with terrorists, and Christians have been mercilessly beheaded. As Americans we are shocked, but still we are too caught up with what’s happening on Dancing With the Stars to understand the severity of the threat. Facebook videos show tough Marines calling out ISIS, though those may not be the opinions and directives of those who deploy US armed forces. What will stop ISIS from launching terrorists attacks on European and American soil? Through Mexico ISIS has had an open door into our country for months and years. Incredibly, some turncoat American citizens have joined ISIS and can reenter the country legally. Some experts think an attack is imminent. Last week the Director of the FBI came to Atlanta to warn of this very threat.

Based on what I see, how can I believe that Islam is a religion of peace? Some say Islam is not a religion but a new world order. Women are not equals. Homosexuals are tortured and killed – as are all those who oppose Islam. Why is the government and media not exposing these crimes? Fear?

The Federal Government seems oblivious to the threat. State Governments are being stretched to provide - from the illegal immigrants dumped on them to the ridiculous federal school lunch guidelines (that kids don’t want to eat). Now the State Governments are fighting back. Republicans are suing Democrats. But what will stop the ISIS threat? Several top government officials have been quoted as being loyal to the President as opposed to the Constitution, the American public, and laws of the country. Are they inviting chaos and destruction?

The End Times interests me, though again, I am no expert. Joel Rosenberg’s books continue to be prophetic. The Muslims await their savior, the Twelfth Imam - and spread their terror in order to hasten his appearance. Is this the Anti-Christ? Rosenberg, a Christian who grew up Jewish, just moved his family to Israel. Perhaps he knows something. That God will protect Israel, but perhaps not the United States?

I loved the Left Behind series of books, and look forward to the movie remake coming out this fall starring Nicolas Cage. Elizabeth Prata says there are many false prophets posing as popular preachers in the world today, keeping me all the more on my guard.

I'd like to be caught up in the rapture so I can join God in heaven, as opposed to experiencing the continued pain and suffering on this earth. I fear for the world my children will have to live in, and am thankful they are secure believers in Christ. Jesus said not to worry when the wars increase. As a Christian I can pray, and prepare. What more, O Lord? Here am I, send me.

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