Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hawks > Bulls

ESPN commentator Michael Wilbon was badmouthing the Hawks, but Atlanta’s recent playoff record has been much better than Wilbon’s team (the Bulls). Don’t most teams struggle against Cleveland? People say the Hawks need a superstar, but a superstar is not an easy thing to acquire. Great players aren’t readily available. Veteran and young superstars are either locked up or come with warts. Joe Johnson didn’t pan out. Some of the Golden State players may follow Luke Walton to the Lakers. Can OKC keep both Westbrook and Durant? Could a team like the Hawks make it to the next level with just one player like that? The Hawks could trade up for a lottery pick, but would an uncertain reward justify such a high cost?
It’s really a roll of the dice. Rarely does a high draft pick turn out to be Michael Jordan, Steph Curry, or even an Anthony Davis. The Hawks hit on Dominique and Pete Maravich, but not much since then. Dikembe Motumbo was a great defender but not a championship caliber franchise player. Al Horford isn’t either. Is it worth it to keep him? Yes, because a superstar will need players around him: Horford, Teague, the aging Kyle Koerver.  
Saturday morning we drove to Athens, picked up Anna, and drove over to the Athens Farmers Market. Saw Anna’s future roommate. Came back and loaded our CRV with stuff from her room. Took her fridge and left it outside the car to defrost while we went to lunch. Got back to Atlanta around 4 pm. Later I drove C to Perimeter Mall to return an item.
For Mother’s Day C wanted to go to Passion City Church, so we attended the 10 am service. I sat behind Chickfila’s Dan Cathy. Afterwards we ate at Chuys near Perimeter Mall. Then M drove to a birthday party south of Covington, the longest drive he’s ever made.
Will had driven from OKC to Memphis Saturday afternoon. He ate dinner at Gus’ fried chicken, having read Lang’s article about the place in GQ. Will made it home Sunday afternoon. We went to Home Depot and Sprouts, and ate pesto chicken, green beans, and salad. Later W and C drove up to Cartersville and loaded up the CRV with wedding presents.
Hated those pink-trimmed Yankee uniforms on Sunday night. I hear ARod pulled a hamstring.
Yesterday we left at 10 am for Augusta. W had to stop by the bank so I motored on. Bad traffic on 400 South and 20 East. With plenty of time on my hands I stopped in Conyers (thrift store and Wendy’s), Madison (thrift store, Dollar Tree, and gas), and Augusta (two thrift stores and Wendy’s). Will had to get some shots, so I made it to his new townhouse before him. The realtor was there so he let me look around. Will came, signed the paperwork, and we unloaded both SUVs. Found a beehive on the border of his townhouse and his neighbor’s. His buddy Chandler stopped by, one of the groomsmen in his wedding. Will and I ate at the Moe’s just up the street, then went shopping for a mattress set. Went to three places and bought one at Sears. Left for Atlanta around 7:45. 32 MPG – not bad. Gassed up in Sandy Springs before arriving home.
W & MC’s townhouse is just off Washington Road, near Kroger, Publix, and Whole Foods. Drove past there on our way to the Masters last month. Not far from the river and Augusta Canal bike trail.
Gassed up my car on the way to work this morning. Also stopped by Kroger. Got in to work this morning and my login doesn't work. On hold with the help desk and after 30 minutes still not resolved. Worked through a stack of emails but need the computer to look up info on the others.
Anna comes home tonight. Thursday night when Will returns we hope to have John over for dinner.
The Skip & Pete bobblehead. A nice little talking bobble you should hang on to.

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