Thursday, May 05, 2016


2016 Bobblehead number 3: Gwinnett manager Brian Snitker. Long time Braves coach with an interesting backstory.
Dock’s dad is on another one of his whirlwind road trips, this time up the northern seaboard. Lots of good restaurants and ballgames. They caught a game in Washington and yesterday’s Mets/Braves game.
My mornings got busier because I took over a task that has to be completed between 9 and 10 am every day.
This is M’s the last week of classes and he’s been trying to get all his work done. C and I have been trying to give him computer time and not nag him to get it done. He stayed up late Tuesday night to finish a paper. This made him so sick he missed school Wednesday. School administrators were not pleased.
Tuesday night C ran errands and brought back Taqueria take-out for dinner. Wednesday night she made a sausage and noodle dish. Watched Ceil’s show Heartbeat. Those shows want to address the most bizarre/topical types of humanity: homosexuals, transsexuals, gender-changes, child abusers, and weirdo fundamental Christians not wanting medical treatment. But never radical Muslims.
At least the Hawks played better in the second half, though by then the outcome had already been decided. Flipped it over to Hogan’s Heroes and a silly episode of Laverne and Shirley, which C and M loved.

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