Saturday, May 28, 2016

Marlins @ Braves

Joined by his two grandsons, Hot Stove leader Johnny Tallant surveys the dollar ticket line from Booby Cox's retired number six.

Bobblehead queen Katie Wood brought snacks: pigs & blankets, bacon-wrapped jalipenos, cheesecake, peanut butter pie, and other snacks. She posed for a picture in the dollar line with Bobby Myers, the Coach, Kevin Martin, and the Duke fan from Norcross.
Kevin had to gather 24 bobbles, so we all helped out. I watched BP in the shade.
Today's prize.
Thanks to all of Kevin's tickets, we sat in the club level.

While hanging out on the mezzanine Katie said Denny Neagle would be stopping by, and he did - taking time out of his busy day to track her down. They chatted for over twenty minutes. During a lull in the conversation I asked him about the imposter how had crashed a Braves alumni reunion a few years ago. Denny went on and on about the would be John Sullivan. A fun moment. I wanted to make sure Katie had a photo, and Denny made sure to turn toward me to get a good shot. I wasn't going to ask for a photo, but he was more than accommodating.   
Nice to see the Braves win their second straight series. With two out in the top of the ninth the crowd rose to cheer as Marlins' pinch-hitter Chris Johnson flew out to deep right field.

As usual traffic in downtown Atlanta was gridlocked, with local police overwhelmed with all the cars.

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