Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Worked late last Thursday. Ceil was going to The Avalon so I stopped by four thrift stores and RaceTrac. No TV so after supper (spaghetti).  I worked on the computer while Ceil painted.
Lots of people were off work Friday but there was plenty of work to do. I worked late then made a few stops on the way home, looking for something for Matthew. Tracked W&MC from Augusta.
Saturday I got up early and worked around the house. The workers arrived at 9:20. I got the oil changed in W’s Jeep. Also gassed it up and had some shems installed to make the battery cables more secure. Also went by the library and Taco Bell before the game.
Went to the Braves game on Saturday. Left home at 11:15 am and didn’t get home until 8 pm. Saw John Parkes in the dollar line, and several other people I’ve gotten to know – at least 13 people, plus we chatted with a family from Conway SC. One lady brought eats: pigs’n blanket, bacon wrapped jalapenos, cheesecake, chocolate peanut butter squares, peanut butter pie, etc. I didn’t have to eat supper after that. Sat in the club level.
During the game I was talking to season ticket holder bobblehead addict Katie. She was waiting for Denny Neagle to come by to say hello. Neagle was there signing autographs before the game for his water safety charity honoring his nephew who drowned. He did come by and talked to Katie for over 20 minutes. I didn’t want to mess with their conversation, though I nodded along and sometimes he’d look my way to include me.
During a lull I asked Neagle about the Braves alumni softball game several years ago when someone attended who wasn’t a player or coach. Denny’s face lit up and he talked at length about the event. He said they still give the guy who invited him a hard time. Neagle looks a lot like a slightly younger David Hurt, just an inch or two shorter.
I wanted to make sure Katie got her picture taken with him. Someone took a picture of them with her phone, but Neagle saw me taking pictures so he made sure to turn Katie toward me as well. Two other guys asked for photos and he was more than accommodating, so I had my picture taken with him as well. When he left he even shook my hand and gave me a bro hug. Last night I saw Katie had managed to also get her picture taken with country artist Chris Stapleton.
Braves also have won 3 of the last 4, right? Several recent losses, like many others this year, were by just one run. Also many extra-inning games. All against baseball’s toughest schedule so far this season.
ROB: Good to see another good start by Folty.  I hope Coppy is serious about only trading Teheran for a quality MLB bat.  Do you have any scouting reports from Gwinnett?  I would not be surprised if Swanson is up in July.
ME: No scouting reports so far that I have seen. Any reason you think they’ll call Dansby before Ozzie – age?
Sunday W&MC stopped by on their way back to Augusta – at 7 am. Woke me up. Sunday and Monday I did laundry, cut the grass, watered the plants, cleaned out messes in our bedroom and Anna’s, and watched a couple of good movies: Bounce, Proof, and View From the Top. Our TV is packed up during the renovation. Eating up what’s in the fridge: made ham quesadillas on the Panini press, ate hot dogs, bagels, and leftovers, made PB&J’s and popcorn. Hit 10000 Fitbit steps both Saturday and Monday plus 8000 Sunday. My back hurts, perhaps as much from sitting on a different couch as much as all the work I did.
Sold seven bobbleheads recently, and made two trades to get rid of three more, including Smoltz for Eddie Gaedel. Recently I’ve sold: Skip & Pete, UGA Star Wars, Gordon Beckham, Josh Fields, and five Julio Teherans. Also trading a Hank Aaron and Dan Uggla (both without boxes, both bought at thrift stores for $3.00 each) for another Skip & Pete, that I can sell for $30.00. Also trading a Chipper and an Andruw for a Beloit Snappers fishing Uecker and Brewers Uecker alarm clock. Maybe this will give me the momentum to sell more.
I have been unsuccessful so far in my efforts to secure an extra Chipper Freddie bobble, but I haven’t given up. The guy who’d given me several he didn’t want this year and last decided he wanted this one, and a couple of trades have fallen through. The market is hot for them right now, but once things cool off I may be able to get one. I even stayed til the end of the game and walked through the stands checking to see if anyone had forgotten theirs.
Phones can be addictive and fun. Ceil’s dad was on his all the time, calling and texting all his grandkids to check in every day. That’s why they loved him so. I should call and text my kids more, but feel like they’re busy enough without me giving them one more distraction. It’s fun to track their phone to see where they are. With a phone you can check the temperature and weather immediately. Also email whenever you want. Get updates on golf and other sports. Take pictures. Calendar. Camera. Photo album. Gives you directions and tells you how long before you get somewhere.

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