Monday, May 23, 2016

Chicago Sky at Atlanta Dream

It was fun going to the Atlanta Dream's season opener yesterday, against 2015-16 WNBA MVP Elena Della Donne and the Chicago Sky. It worked out well driving downtown, even with the short walk. Funny how those little girls gave us the season ticket holders tickets, which weren't too bad. Section 109 would've been behind the basket. I guess the scalpers knew selling tickets would be hard and were trying to make a buck any way possible.
I like watching warm-ups, especially when there's a big star to watch. They say Golden State draws huge crowds to watch Steph Curry warm up. They even sell sideline passes for warm-ups, similar to the way the Braves sell field passes for batting practice. Like we discussed I blame the early season on the low shooting percentages and sloppy play. Perhaps Atlanta is better this year and Chicago worse.
While the three whole minutes of the jump rope team at halftime was fascinating, perhaps a fourth minute would've been too much. The kids were followed by three minutes of trampoline dunkers. While the time allotments were spot on, perhaps the small group was not deserving of a more spectacular halftime extravaganza.
Beautiful day for the short walk from the car to arena and back. No desire to ride the wheel, though it made for a nice picture with the blue sky as backdrop.
Plenty of interesting characters in Centennial Olympic Park for the Shaky Beats Music Festival (not to be confused by the more mainstream Shaky Feet Festival).

Late Saturday afternoon M, C, and I drove A up to Camp Highland. Since we were short on time we ate at Chickfila in Ellijay. The camp has built two dorms for the youngest campers (one boys and one girls) closer to the field and mess hall. Didn't get home until after 10 pm.

JFBC Sunday School was better this week. Great speaker we'd had before on a practical subject. Ceil didn't come until it was time for the service. She always misses the good programs and seems to attend for the bad ones. Later she and M went to Passion. Afterwards C went to Dekalb Farmers Market.

Will had driven over to hang out and study while Joel worked at Chattahoochee Coffee, just down the street from Phillips Arena where we were. He picked up MC at the airport at 9 pm. MC couldn't drive because of the time change from Norway. MC started her new job at Augusta First Presbyterian today.

Lunch meeting today: we ate Willys. Later I had another hour long meeting.

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