Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Beach Time with the Coach

This is the third or fourth year we've seen Pittsburgh Steelers special teams coordinator Danny Smith out on the beach. He coached at GT for several years with Bobby Ross and George O'Leary, and to this day still carries his papers around in a leather GT Football attaché. He coached Dan Marino in high school, then went on to stints at the Citadel, Tech, Clemson, and the Washington Redskins among others. The Steelers play at Carolina on September first, and he invited Phil, Rusty, and Larry to stand on the sidelines. He told me he used to live in Kennesaw, and his brother lives in Alpharetta in White Columns.
Danny's wife Elaine is a dear for putting up with all of us blubbering fans.

Finished my Lou Gehrig book in two days out on the beach. Yesterday I started "Living on the Black" by John Feinstien, about Tom Glavine and Mike Mussina. The first hundred pages are background leading up to the 2007 season.

Monday night we ate Low Country Boil in the room. Fresh shrimp, corn on the cob, sausage, onion, potatoes. I ate sausage, corn, and onions.

Phil and Teresa have been bringing sandwiches out to the beach: chicken salad, pimento cheese, and PB&J. Rusty also made chicken salad.

Tuesday night we drove up to Holden Beach to Provision Company, where we eat every year. I had the grilled chicken sandwich with peppers, onions, provolone cheese, and tomato.

Watched a little bit of the home run derby and all star game.

Tonight twelve of us ate at Bonefish.

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