Thursday, July 07, 2016

God Bless the USA

I wanted to compile a list of the FBI's report, just to have it in one place for my own reference:

FBI Director James Corney said:
1. Hillary endangered American lives by her "extremely careless" handling of sensitive information.
2. No reasonable person could have believed putting these emails on a private server was appropriate or acceptable.
3. 110 emails of the emails were classified, proving that as Secretary of State, Hillary had lied and endangered national security.
4. Hillary had deleted work-related emails before turning them over to the State Department – despite her claims to the contrary.
5. It was likely that foreign governments hacked into her emails, and that our enemies could know critical secrets because of her actions.
6. Mr. Corney admitted someone caught in similar situation would "often" be punished.
7. The FBI would not recommend Hillary be charged with criminal offenses.

Should a candidate running for the President of the United States be held to a higher standard? The US as a country has certainly changed. While there was always behind the scenes stuff going on, like in the Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon administrations, the federal government certainly has a life of its own.

JUNE 30: Worked past 6:30. Grilled chicken and salad. Wasn't too hungry after lunch at work: Mellow Mushroom pizza. Watched "The Age of Adaline" with Ceil. Slept 30 minutes late Friday morning.

Saturday morning I went to the World Congress Center to pick up my Peachtree number. Got inside about 9:15 am. They had a Hawks tent so I went up and talked to the guy. Kyle Koerver was supposed to be there but he was running late. Got a pair of red Hawks shoestrings. Not sure what I'll be with them.

Tuesday: C and M went to the mall to get M a new pair of Vans shoes. He got an all-black low cut pair. He wore his old pair until they were falling apart, and on Monday had played in the river in them. He also has a pair of all-black high top Chuck Taylors, a white pair of high top Chucks, a pair of blue adidas Gazelles with yellow stripes (think UCLA), a pair of vintage skate Vans he rarely wears, and a pair of high top Vans he never wears. The last three pair were bought at thrift stores, and I might sell the last two pair.

M had tried to cook macaroons. I worked til 6:45 and snacked on pretzels before leaving, so I wasn't too hungry. Ate a slice of Will's birthday cheesecake and that was it. Worked on the computer and watched Jimmy Fallon. C and M got home after 9. They had picked up a free small cheese pizza from Mellow Mushroom.

Lunch was leftover chicken breasts. Today's was a grilled chicken salad at Medlock's Tavern. Tomorrow's lunch is the Ruby Tuesday salad bar. That leaves the leftover kabobs for Friday lunch. Also half that delicious cheesecake needs to be eaten, one piece a day. W couldn't take it home because he left straight after the Peachtree Road Race. Saw where Craig MacKenzie, Grover Swilley, Scott Morris, Bob Lamb, Danny Downing, Chad Eaton, and Jimmy Light ran, but not Bill Dukes.

Even with my customer closed this week, there is plenty of work to get done before vacation.

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