Thursday, July 28, 2016

Good Call on Heyward

Before this season Jason Heyward signed a $184 million contract with the Cubs, who need his production to win the World Series. Jeff Francoeur signed with the Braves for the league minimum. Heyward is hitting .229 with four home runs, much worse than either Frenchy and Nick Markakis, who make much less. Yet another set of good decisions by Braves management - that “fans” forget about.
99  24  5  50  259  336  361  698  Markakis
83  13  6  28  251  290  385  676  Francoeur
91  16  4  28  229  317  315  632  Heyward
At least Heyward plays all out. Former Brave malcontent BJ Upton finally blossomed in San Diego. For a while he was the only player in baseball with 15 home runs and 20 stolen bases. But he was never going to hit in Atlanta. Sometimes that happens.
The Braves traded two nobodies for a former number one draft pick of the Rangers, a slugging infielder from Winder. Only 21 years old with 25 home runs so far this season. He may strike out a lot, but he’s still young. Played in the MLB Futures Game a few weeks ago with Dansby. Little risk with a high upside. All those “fans” complaining about the Braves stockpiling pitchers and not signing any hitters should be pleased. And the Braves also loaded up on young hitters in the recent draft of foreign players as well.
I have never heard of pickle ball – I will have to look it up.
Are you going to watch the Olympics? Della Donne is still going, isn’t she? Serena Williams will probably win gold in singles and doubles. You’d think she’d play mixed doubles just so she could win another gold medal. I saw a name from the past: Martina Hingis is predicted to medal in doubles and mixed doubles.
So many games these days seem to involve computers, making them harder to play. Even the cheap prizes in Cracker Jacks make you look something up on the computer. Too much work! I need to retire so I will have time to do all the stuff I need to do. Even at the beach I didn’t have time because I was sitting under an umbrella reading from 10 am to 6 pm.
Went out looking at a car for Will again last night. The Wednesday car was in worse shape than the Tuesday car, so I called the Tuesday guy back - but he’d already sold his car. Got more to look at but may wait until the weekend. When I got home I looked at more cars and swapped text messages with Will.
C fixed me an eggy-boy sandwich to eat on the way to look at the car. While I was out I stopped by RaceTrac for a free refill, and two thrift stores. Saw four nice pairs of shoes. Two were too small and two were too big.

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