Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Living on the Black


In the book I’m reading about Mike Mussina and Tom Glavine it deals a lot with those starters leaving the game with the lead, then having the bullpen blow the lead. At times both were pitching well, but not getting the win because the bullpen blew it. Then after they hadn’t won a game in a month the NYC press was asking why they hadn’t been pitching well. They couldn’t make excuses and blame the bullpen, so they had no good answer. Glavine was needing to win games to reach 300 wins, and the bullpen was feeling especially bad whenever they blew one of his games. Good book by the esteemed writer John Feinstein, called Living on the Black, about the 2007 season through the eyes of Glavine and Mussina, who graduated from Stanford in 3-1/2 years. Glavine sheds good info on his time with the Braves, and the events leading up to his free agent departure.
Monday: Not much to report. C cooked a chicken pasta dish last night. Her friend Dawn ate with us again and left this morning. She’d been traveling for over a week, spending time in Augusta, McDonough, Sandy Springs, East Cobb with us, and Bamberg SC before headed home.
Tuesday I worked past six. It rained all the way home, so I did not stop. Spaghetti. Not much else went on.
Here is the USA the MLB has a home run derby before the all-star game. In Korea they have a bunting contest.
As usual, there was a big announcement at work while I was on vacation. They hired a new supervisor for my team – an additional layer of management between me and the general manager. This will be the 8th boss I’ve had in the past 9 years. We’ve been able to cobble along for all this time without doing too much damage (actually it’s amazing what we’ve been able to do the past nine years with the crew we had). Now management is finally addressing several needed issues that I never had time to address due to my own overflowing plate. Unfortunately some of the biggest problem areas remain unchanged. I’ve been told that next week I get to show my new boss the ropes.

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