Sunday, July 10, 2016

Saturday Sunday

We've been following the same routine when we head to the beach every year. After leaving Jefferson the first stop is McLeod Farms for peaches. The car was so packed that we couldn't get many.

Stop two was the Wendy's in Hartsville for lunch. We used to stop in Florence at an old Burger King or crowded McDonalds, but the Wendy's has been much better.
This year while we were eating a van drove up with hand-drawn letters proclaiming Kaitlin White, Miss Teen SC 2015. Kaitlin walked inside, decked out in gown, sash, and crown - and stood in line to order. Later she sat at a table and ate - with her elbow on the table.
Sunday 6:30 pm beach pano.
After sun all day a bad thunderstorm rolled in (right/south).
Braves top-prospect Dansby Swanson played in tonight's MLB Futures Game in San Diego. Loved the uniforms.

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