Thursday, November 01, 2018

All Hallows Eve

We had a decent amount of kids for Halloween. I started out worried I wouldn’t have enough candy. The little kids (most of who came) really just like going up to the door. I’d try to give them more than one piece but lots of them would walk away after getting one piece. M was working and C at her small group so I had to hold Barney and give out candy at the same time. Barney enjoyed seeing the kids. He only lunged at one little kid who was dressed head to toe in a dinosaur costume. If I had shut Barney in a room or garage he would’ve barked even more. 
Ceil was at the house of a lady who doesn’t participate in Halloween. She kept the front lights off and didn’t answer the doorbell. Later some came to the door and kept on knocking and ringing the bell. Finally they answered the door – it was our Sunday School teacher with his family, who live nearby.
Watched Chicago Med and New Amsterdam, then C turned on the Wicked the Musical Halloween Party rerun. I took Barney out, then went to bed.
Only one guy wore a costume to work. He wore a wig to the big sales meeting (BBQ).I had left work at 4:40. Halloween is notorious for horrible afternoon traffic, but I made good time all the way home. Cleaned up a bit and turned on all the lights. Made two turkey quesadillas for supper. Had Last Man Standing and MASH on the TV.     
When I walk in the early mornings it’s pretty dark, but most of the way is lit by streetlights or moonlight. In 40 minutes I’ll see just a few cars. There are two ladies that sometimes are starting their run when I am finishing mine, and sometimes a neighbor walking her dog. This summer I happened upon a snake in the middle of the road, curled up and enjoying the radiant heat off the concrete. When I came back by I made sure to steer clear of the snake, who may have been run over by a car.
Since then I’ve been more careful to watch where I’m stepping, particularly on the darker parts of my route. Once recently I saw something moving in the darkness. Took me a couple of seconds to figure out: a homeowner walking his dog in his yard.
This morning while climbing a hill I detected movement ahead of me: a large male deer with antlers crossing the street about 20 yards ahead of me. He had seen me first, and he continued on between two houses. I knew the retired owner of one of the houses often left food out to attract the deer, so it wasn’t a complete surprise. But it was the first time on my morning excursions that I’d ever seen a deer.
Tuesday: worked until six. Ceil cooked black beans and rice. Also tossed a salad. Watched the Playoff Committee results on ESPN. The Voice. That new show The Kids are All Right is funny. Just getting into This Is Us. At some point we’ll have to go back and watch the entire series. Went to bed at ten. M ate at the Brookhaven Taqueria after hanging out at Ponce City Market.
I have to fill up with gas less than once a week. I drive about 40 miles a day. Love how my old Civic gets at least 34 MPG and sometimes more. Driving the Jeep with the MPG tracker was teaching me to have a lighter right foot. Anna was getting 15 MPG and I was getting 19 MPG.  
I’ve been getting gas at a RaceTrac on Peachtree Industrial, which was having a gas war with the new station next door. They’re around $2.569. Now I heat the Kroger at PIB and Pleasant Hill north of my office has gas for $2.319. I’ll have to start going home that way.
Anna starts work this weekend at Madewell, in the Avalon down from El Felix. She’ll work there Thanksgiving week and before Christmas through New Years.

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