Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Lenox: Then and Now

I've been looking at the 1957 Lenox Square photo. I zoomed in and could see my mother's house at the corner of Peachtree and Stratford. Last night I pulled up Google maps and took a picture of all the hotels and skyscrapers built there.
Incredibly, there are trees on the location, blocking the view of the Maggiano's parking lot. Also looked at the street view. Amazing that in our lifetime how much the topography has changed.
Man I am worn out from being on the go. Had a lot of fun this past week.
Last Tuesday: King+Duke. Bed at 12:30 am.

Last Wednesday: Cumming for Hot Stove. Home at ten.

Last Thursday: wings, then dog pickup, then a gas run with Anna. Bed at 12:30 am.

Friday after work I didn't get home until almost 8 pm.

Saturday I went in to work from 7 – 10:30. Got gas, Taco Bell, and a haircut on the way home. Took a nap. Bought a cheap ticket for the Tech game. Left at 2:45. Parked and walked past the Varsity and over to the Baptist Center. Got in line at 4:40 but gates didn't open until 5:35. Got my Calvin Johnson bobble and walked around Grant Field. The sun was setting and getting colder. Left and walked through the tunnel under 75/85, back past the Varsity up Ponce de Leon past the Fox to my car.

Headed up Juniper through downtown past Underground Atlanta and the state capitol onto the southbound connector. Was approaching the airport ahead of time, so I drove through Hapeville and stopped at the original Dwarf House. Before I could go in Ceil called, so I went to pick her up. No crowd at baggage claim. Listened to the start of the Georgia game, and some Tech. Got home and watched GT/Miami, GA/Auburn, and later Clemson/Boston College. Had to go get Will, then MC came to pick up W and Okie. Went to bed at midnight.

JFBC for Sunday School and church. Stopped by Whole Foods. Ceil fixed a chicken quesadilla, then I fought traffic down to Turner Field for the tour, so I missed the Falcons debacle. Drove straight home. Traffic bad. Went to eat with Ceil at Pizzeria Luccia. Got home at 7:30 and took at nap. Stayed up until 11:30.

Monday: left work at six. Ceil fixed a cheesy rice dish with green peas. Also leftover Whole Foods rotisserie chicken, tossed salad and steamed broccoli. Cleaned up and plopped on the couch. Before supper I changed into something warm and comfortable. Hilarious episode of The Neighborhood. The Voice. Manifest. Was checking what was on and saw the Tom Hanks movie Sully, about the pilot who landed the airliner in the Hudson. I'd like to watch that sometime. I should've gone to bed earlier.

Also saw a little of the NFL Network's Top Ten safeties. Ronnie Lott was number one, followed by Paul Krause of the Vikings. Ed Reed made and list, as did Kenny Easley and Emlen Tunnell. Hall of Fame Cardinals safety Larry Wilson was honorable mention.

Hate driving in the rain, especially at night. Driving down by the river there were several huge puddles. Tuesday morning I went a different route. Made several lights, so the ride to work went relatively quick. Driving M's old Buick, which rides smooth. Barely have to tap the gas pedal. Still for some reason I'm not getting to work until 7:20 every day. Need to arrive before seven.

Had a Bojangles biscuit for breakfast, steak and egg. Friday our processing center is having a catered Thanksgiving luncheon, and I'm invited. Should be good. But our office is bring in Dreamland BBQ. I'll eat the turkey but come back and fix a BBQ plate to eat late that afternoon. Friday night we're going out for Thai food, which I'm not crazy about. Good to go already full.

Left work before six. With the rain and dark I have no desire to make stops along the way. Ceil cooked black beans and rice and tossed a salad. Matthew chopped up some onions and peppers and made black bean nachos. Cleaned up and watched Jeopardy and This Is Us. Forgot about the new show "The Kids Are All Right" but I had gone off with Matthew while it was on. Went to bed when Ceil started watching the hospital show. Fell into a deep sleep.

Wednesday morning I had a Bojangles steak and egg biscuit, the old Rachel brought in hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts, so I had one of those as well.
Anna applied for a SEC Championship Game ticket (she didn't get it). Saturday night at Sanford Stadium she braved the cold and stayed for the entire game.

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