Friday, November 09, 2018

Players Coaches Part One

Players coaches: I figured out I could write 2000 words on the subject, so it’ll have to wait! Lots of coaches I want to think the best of. It’s a tough job. High stakes. Not a job I’d be good at. I would surely be a players coach though. Killed me at work when I was the supervisor and had to let an underperformer go.
Oct 29: M ate at the Brookhaven Taqueria after hanging out at Ponce City Market. I worked until six. Ceil cooked black beans and rice. Also tossed a salad. Watched the Playoff Committee results on ESPN. The Voice. That new show The Kids are All Right is funny. Just getting into This Is Us. At some point we’ll have to go back and watch the entire series. Went to bed at ten.
Oct 31st: worked until 6:20. Picked up Ceil and ate at Moxie Burger for the first time in a while. Their chicken sandwich is better than their hamburger. Back home we started to watch “Time Again” but Ceil didn’t like it.
Saturday at Chapel Hill, Georgia Tech started senior TaQuon Marshall at QB but redshirt freshman Tobias Oliver got most of the snaps. Going into the game Marshall’s woeful 41.2 QB rating ranks 113th in the nation. Oliver has a 74.3 rating, ranking 32nd.

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