Tuesday, November 20, 2018

End of an Era


Friday the Dreamland BBQ arrived early so I had servings of BBQ and Brunswick Stew. Then I walked over to the other plant for their Thanksgiving luncheon. On the way Eric took us out on the new mezzanine to look at the almost finished edition to the plant.
At the dinner we let the ladies and plant workers go through the line first. They ate all three turkeys plus all of the ham and green beans. I got a few scraps of ham, dressing, mac & cheese, and sweet potato casserole.        
Late in the afternoon I ate a small bowlful of Brunswick Stew. Left work shortly after five to get home for our 6:30 reservation at Nana Thai. Had a great time with the two other couples, the two guys from my Saturday morning Bible Study group and their wives. I got the chicken terioke, and we all got coconut ice cream and fried ice something or the other.
Toward the end of the evening we were all talking about food, and where our next night out would be. I mentioned how Joe and Rob always talked about BBQ, so I figured that would be the next place. But Rob kept bringing up Dim Sum, which is the only thing I dislike more than Thai. Rob’s wife Nancy kept saying we needed go for BBQ, but by the time we left we was all in for dim sum. Great.
Late Friday night I like to watch the high school football highlight shows, so I saw where Marist won. 680 radio host / former Falcon receiver Brian Finneran took his family to the game.
Saturday morning someone was picking up Ceil at 8 am, so I tidied up downstairs and walked Barney. Went to meet with Joe and Rob. Afterwards I gassed up Ceil’s CRV, filled up the air in his tires, stopped by Taco Bell, Dollar Tree, and a thrift store. Bought a pair of warm, waterproof hiking shoes in my favorite colors, and an on field Matt Ryan Falcons jersey.
Back home I cleaned out my Civic and took it up to sell to Car Max. Had a noon appointment. While they were checking out the Civic the salesman took me out to look at cars. Looked at a bunch. Hyundai Sonata. Kia Optima. VW CC. Nissan Altima. Lexus 250. Honda Civic. Even looked at a nice Mercedes. Test drove the Kia. Nice car in my price range, but the Sonata is better equipped. Will probably get another Civic. Went back inside and finalized the sale of my car. The end of an era.
Matthew came to pick me up. Went back home, then over to work to get the title to the Civic. Stopped by a thrift store and Wendy’s. They were having a special: bacon cheeseburger and large fries for one dollar. Dropped off the title at CarMax and hit another thrift store on the way home. Got a nice Braves trucker cap.
Got home at 5:30: halftime of the Tech game. I’d been on the go since 7:30 am. MC, her mother, and Nancy took Ceil to North Georgia for her birthday: a biscuit shop in Woodstock, downtown Blue Ridge, and manicure, wine tasting at Bear Claw Vineyards, and dinner in downtown Woodstock. Anna working in Athens Saturday, then drove home to join the ladies for dinner.
After the long day I crashed on the couch. Watched GT/VA, GA/UMass, and then Clemson/Duke. Missed Ohio State/Maryland. Don’t like either but wished the Terps had won. Buckeyes still ranked tenth despite that near miss, which is a joke. Playoff Committee may drop them out.
Sunday AM was Sunday School and worship at JFBC. Anna got up early and attended the 9 am service at Grace Midtown with her roommate. We stopped by Whole Foods and saw Matthew, who worked the early shift. Got the baked chicken for lunch. Anna had to work at the Avalon Madewell at 2:30. She went early but couldn’t find a parking space: Avalon was having thier tree lighting.
After lunch Sunday I had to deliver a bobble to SunTrust Park, then took Ceil to Perimeter Mall to shop for her birthday gift. While she was trying on clothes I rode up to Wendy’s and Goodwill. Came back by Trader Joes.
Later Ceil cooked supper for M and A: leftover baked chicken, scalloped potatoes, tossed salad, and black beans and rice. Watched the Hallmark Channel and played on my laptop. Over the weekend I got caught up on emails, and hopefully this week I can unsubscribe from a bunch of emails to cut down the load.

Anna had to work on a ten page paper. She went down to midtown to meet friends. Afterwards W&MC had A and M over for dinner and games.

Ceil woke up sick on Monday morning. She wanted me to pick up some things at Kroger on the way home. Wound up filling a basket. Had some free coupons to cash in. Wasn’t sure what Ceil would eat for supper, as she had been sick all day. All she ate were a few crackers. I wasn’t that hungry, after all the eating I’d done all weekend. Had I been thinking I would’ve stopped by Wendy’s for the bacon cheeseburger deal.
Watched The Neighborhood, The Voice, and Manifest. And played on my laptop. As always, that means posting to my blog (one per day) and entering contests. Sometimes reading the uniform blog and deleting emails, or researching a topic I’m interested in. Or shopping for a car or on Amazon.
On this day eleven years ago Nov 20, 2007 Facebook says I signed up. Will was 14. Anna was 11.

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