Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Rocky Top

Friday I came into four Tennessee tickets. Would’ve been fun to go to the game but it would’ve been a long day. But their stadium is huge, a thing to behold. And it would’ve been a pretty trip with all the leaves changing. I just didn’t want to waste an entire day. Gave them to UT grad Jim, whom I hadn’t chatted with in a while. After work I drove the tickets over to his house, and stopped by Publix on the way home. 
Will got to play the new Bobby Jones golf course on Friday. He and his boss beat two co-workers in match play. The course officially reopened on Monday.

Ceil cooked chili. Very good. M had gone to Athens to go to a concert with A. They said the concert was extra weird. The lead singer crawled headfirst into a trash can to sing a song. M and A both arrived home around 1 am.

Small group Saturday morning. Anna also left early to train for her new job at the Avalon Madewell. I went to the bank and got gas. Watched Tech/UNC and Clemson/Louisville, then GA/KY. C and A went shopping, and came back and fixed Anna’s favorite chicken burritos. Watched some Hallmark Channel and AL/LSU. I stayed up late and watched some OK/Texas Tech. More about football later.
Sunday C and M woke up early, forgetting about the time change. C cooked A breakfast before she left for more training. C also served me breakfast in bed. Sunday School. It was youth weekend so we skipped the service to eat lunch with M and A. Watched some Falcons then got the emissions tested on the Jeep. Then took C to Buckhead to shop for shoes. C cooked soup for supper. Also salad. Hallmark Channel then NE/GB.
Was playing on my computer, but posting to my blog slipped my mind. Thought about catching up on Monday with two posts but decided not to rush it. I’ll catch up sometime this month. Took Barney outside before bed. Thought I had stepped on a stick. Turned out my feet are dry and cracking.

Getting somewhere before it opens sounds like something I would do. You can chat with your friends in line, so its part of the whole going out to eat event. Makes for a longer time to visit and have fun. Arriving late just cuts off the fun time.
Leftover chili for lunch Monday. Still good. Worked until six then stopped by Publix on the way home. Ceil cooked stir fry chicken and veggies. Cleaned up and watched some election coverage, The Neighborhood, The Voice, and Manifest.
Boss brought in Chickfila biscuits and hash browns Tuesday morning.
This coming Saturday Tech, Georgia, and Clemson all play at night. Plus Ceil returns from her trip at seven so we’ll miss all three games coming back from the airport.
The whole on line gaming craze is amazing, especially the number of viewers and the money it generates.

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