Thursday, November 17, 2005

cups cups cups

When you mailed in your coupons, did you put 32 in a #10 envelope? Send it certified mail? Though the rules say #10, some in that chat room you mentioned said that a bigger envelope was ok. Just registered on AirTran for me, Ceil, and my dad. He’s also named William, and they didn’t ask for age, so that works well. Did put his address in Macon.

Had another good cup day yesterday (defined as several more than seven), with ten. Still kicking myself, though, as I should’ve made another hit last night when I picked up Will at 9:15. As I walked in a Wendy’s on the way home yesterday, I held the door for a mom and her 13-year old son. Both had drinks, and the son had three empty cups.

Saw where Jason Salty…the Braves minor league catcher, had a big game for the USA over Mexico. He had a good year in the Fall League as well. What should JS try and get for Estrada…a SS or reliever?

Emailed Lee, our group leader, with ideas on how to increase small group attendance. We had 3.5 couples missing last week, so I guess we need to schedule better. Guess that happens when we try and meet on Fridays. Next is the Dec 2nd meeting, which I had expected (now that I think about it, we may have a conflict, though I doubt it). Last Friday we missed the Watkins and Longs, and the Fallis’s, worn out from running around, didn’t make it (but now they’re finished with their Friday activities).

Let me ramble with thoughts/brainstorm for a minute…perhaps the group can discuss in the future (or you can get a consensus) which Fridays will be most conducive to having the most group members attend…by looking at everyone’s calendars going out several weeks in the future. This could take a minute or two of the meeting time, though, like everything else, will take longer due to tangents. It may turn out that we meet two Fridays in a row, then skip one or two before meeting again. But that might lead to lesser meetings, or making some families feel left out (if we chose to meet while they’re away).

Just trying to figure out ways to have fewer couples miss our small group meetings, which I “enjoy” immensely (I enjoy the meetings, not couples missing the meetings!). What do you think?

We never go on vacations (except to the beach), but having enjoyed NYC and Chicago this year, we're talking about a trip next year. Then I look around the house at all the things that can go at any time...gutters, heater, AC, dishwasher, plumbing, the van, and wonder if I'm being foolish.
I keep thinking about the computer and remember that there was a time not too long ago that I wasn't spending any time on it...we didn't have one. I guess they are useful and fun (and cable TV and ESPN). Guess we're living in the future.

Worked for hours yesterday catching up on my calendar/scrapbook.

Started Monday with 38 cups…not bad for starting Friday evening. Figure my current pace will get me to the 320 number by year end, if cups hold out. That would allow for maximum help from coworkers, and mean I could drink the cokes I buy. Am I crazy not to try and finish sooner? I’d rather not get more than half before December 10th, based on budget considerations. Two of five coworkers are considering collecting cups, though I expect one to falter and give me any he gets (last night he left the two he had on his desk, and the cleaning woman threw it away). Today I’ve got to get moving on sending in the first 32. Had a good cup day Monday, and got co-workers to help.

Yesterday AM I went with the guy from my current small group to a deal at Roswell Methodist. Only 7 attended…2 entertaining leaders, an elderly chaplain, a biologist, and a graphic artist. But the leaders had a bunch of contacts. Lasted until 9 am, so I don’t know how often I could go if I went back.

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