Friday, November 11, 2005


What will we talk about until spring training? I’ve yet to get into the Hawks, though I did switch over to last night’s game a few times. They didn't look too good on TV last night. Whenever I see a close-up of number one pick Williams, he doesn't look like he's having fun. Tech got a great recruiting class, but supposedly this is a rebuilding year with a new cast of characters to get to know, so that’ll take time. Not much going on with us…hopefully we’ll work on the playhouse this weekend. The water taxi sounds like fun. We rode the Staten Island Ferry for fun, and it was a welcome break to get off our feet for an hour. At Thrashers games, be sure to sign up to win the Volvo, somewhere on the mezzanine. They're giving one away at every home win. (ok, it's only a one year lease). Watched ‘Spacejam’ last night…it was the first time Matthew had seen it. I can’t get Matthew to wear Will’s old Air Jordans that Michael was wearing in the movie, and watching the movie didn’t help any. They look good, though. He and Will also like parts of the Steve Martin tribute on PBS, with old SNL clips like a dance scene with Gilda Radner, and King Tut. At Tech I actually performed that song in front of a student Baptist convention crowd of over a thousand. We had a backup band, and everyone, including the dancing girls, was dressed in togas. The leaders weren’t pleased. I guess I won’t pursue the Wendy’s thing…at least I haven’t talked myself into it yet. Today I was driving around at lunchtime running errands, and thought about it when I passed a Wendy’s, but I used a Chick-fil-A coupon. Most days I eat at my desk and don’t go out. Are you making progress? Susan finally got hold of Ceil. Houston takes art on Tuesdays in Roswell, so she’s been dropping by, but it’s when Ceil takes Anna to ballet, so no one’s home. Staci’s IKEA event sounds like fun, but it doesn’t look like Ceil will be able to go.

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