Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Miami upset!

This past weekend was a great college football weekend. That Vandy game was something, and I was hanging in there on the GT game. Thought the ESPN announcers were good, it was fun to hear Wes Durham call the end of the upset. After they cut to commercial after the game, WREK switched away from the locker room coverage, back to student programming. I too was excited about the GT win, but as good as they are/can be, I'm trying not to get my hopes up!

The game with UGA is at 8pm at Grant Field on ABC. Those night games are fun, and it’ll be great if Tech shows up two weeks in a row. They say it would be a no-win situation for GT to play Central Florida...win and they say no big deal, lose and you're a bum. I hoped beating Miami might get them a better bowl, though I don't think GT packs them in as good as other teams (like Clemson). I'd still almost trade that Miami upset for a win over hapless NC State...our national rank would be much higher.

After taking the kids up to the Clemson/Duke game, my twelve year old has been wearing football jerseys ever since, and my seven year old isn’t far behind. My kids were talking about school yearbooks last week, so I drug out a couple of the CHS yearbooks.

NP had a couple from sit with Andy for a Q&A on how they ran up over $100,000 in debt shortly after they were married, and their journey getting our of debt just before having their first child. Remember that messages can be listened to (and videos viewed) on the website... www.northpoint.org

Ceil was in a hurry Sunday (we left Kidstuf shortly after it started to come home), so we didn’t make a family Wendy’s run on the way home. I made late-night runs both Sat & Sun. Made it to Wendy's Fri-Sat-Sun, which is good, even though my big days will be weekdays. Sent off batch number two, and I need to ready another batch today. Don't know why I didn't do this earlier, but I'm going to start mixing in a large Frosty every now and then…since I love them so much, now they're certainly worth it. Tech was leading with twelve minutes to go, though they'd missed two field goals, when I made my Saturday night Wendy's run.

Watched some aquarium coverage Sat nite, but we probably won’t go until next year some time at the earliest. Matthew wants to go there for his birthday. Will y’all go?

Made progress on the playhouse Saturday, getting the bolt holes drilled, and assembled the four walls and triangle pieces in the driveway. Still need to put some 'finish' pieces of wood around the corners, but Friday hopefully we'll assemble the playhouse onto it's base/floor down in the backyard. Never goes as fast as you'd like, but we're making progress.

I may win a contest every now and then, but it's the Whitakers who get their letters to the editors published! Like sweepstakes, I guess you've gotta send letters to get published.

Thanksgiving sounds like fun. Thursday we're going to brother Frank's house in Suwanee with the rest of the Murphy family. Ceil and the kids will go to Jefferson Friday-Sunday, and I'll probably stay behind to work on a backyard playhouse.

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