Wednesday, November 23, 2005


My problem about writing is, I couldn’t imagine making up an entire story interesting enough to make book length…I’d much rather write about real stuff (Braves, particular real people or events). Not very important to me that my opinion be heard by the masses (I only consider calling in to talk radio when I’m so mad that I’ve lost my head).
Kelly in our small group had her first book published this spring, a short fictional novel...even had a book signing at Johnson Ferry Baptist (she happens to work there).
I won’t leave today until I stuff an addressed envelope with these 16 coupons I left on top my desk last night (under my stapler), and try to mail off 16 most work days. I’ve sent in 48 already (16+16+16), of the 102 total cups so far. Just returned from a 5 cup run…4 were bought by co-workers). Tomorrow I’ll check to see if any have shown up on the account.

Perhaps I’ll try that Wendy’s on 120. I’m beginning to become a regular, hitting the same Wendy’s at the same time every day. Yesterday I had my first large frosty (my first in several months) and it filled me up pretty good…that won't be a daily thing, as much as I like it. My co-workers have been good the past several days to let me get them a coke in the afternoon. If they keep up their excellent help, I can scale back slightly and still finish earlier than plan.

Starting but not finishing...I have a book sitting here that I’ve read 38 of 40 chapters…I won’t put it up until I finish, but it’s been several months. Blame having three kids, but that’s not really it.

Not much else going on, though work is busy with month-end and year-end stuff, and the regular stuff as well as some new stuff.

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