Friday, March 10, 2006

Pros Vs Joes, Braves, etc.

Wasn’t blown away by Pros vs. Joes either. Interesting pick for the host. Jim McMahon, Jerry Rice, Matt Williams, Rodman, and Bill Goldberg, who introduced himself as a former UGA football player, among other things. The pros didn't have to try hard to beat the Joes. And in golf, all three pros easily bested the young amateurs…you could tell the Joes weren't golfers. McMahon has played the celebrity tour, and put one 22 feet from the pin about 125 yards away. Williams put one four feet away, and Goldberg got a lucky bounce back to two feet away. I do see where Dominique will be on a future show, along with Rocker and Herschel. BRAVES…Salty, the rookie catcher, could possibly make the team and platoon with LaRoche at first. Love the Braves…smart management, and as good as a minor league system as there is. Guess with all the rookie success last year, as good as Salty is, maybe they’re thinking about rushing him. They’re not ones to groom players to win ROY. Haven’t seen the 40th anniversary team photo. Guess they’ll wear a patch this year. I’m one of the few to go up to those team photos at Turner Field and point out old players to Will and Matthew. Nice how they took those team photos and old championship signs from the old stadium and decorated underneath the stands. Most of the earlier team photos taken at West Palm had the grandstands and stadium roof in the background……slightly similar to the Richmond stadium, is it not? I wonder if people look at those old team photos and wonder who Donald Davidson is. Didn’t have much growing up, but when the Braves switched to the feather unis in the 70’s, I saw a photo of Donald Davidson wearing a floppy hat styled after the small ‘a’ cap…royal with a white front panel with the little ‘a’. I had to have one, and ordered it from the Braves. Starting to see reports that Furcal isn’t coming back from surgery as quickly as LA had hoped, and his favor is starting to drop. KIRBY…When I heard about Puckett’s stroke, one of the first things I thought about were the negative things that Sports Illustrated had reported several years ago, and I wondered if that would be brought up. Like you, all I heard about were the positive things. Now the sports talk radio buzzards are bringing it up. On 24 recently a presidential aide was working for the terrorists. When discovered, he hung himself. Instead of uselessly trashing his name in the press and causing his widow more grief, it was decided to not implicate him in the plot, as there was no useful purpose for it. Haven’t heard the story retold of how Bob Costas had named his son after Kirby. Don’t know if Costas is still married……I had seen him without a ring, but don’t remember noticing during the Olympics. I think not. Saw a funny SNL skit on an E! rerun…”Don Zimmer” was the host of a talk show, and he would get angry and charge each of his guests, including “Pete Rose”, Costas (played well by Darrell Hammond), and Halle Berry (playing a Red Sox ball girl). The guests would do as Pedro did, grabbing his head and throwing him to the ground. Then Zim would apologize. What will Barry do? LITTLE LEAGUE…met Ceil Tuesday last night off the Marietta Square, and got Will to Adams Park in Kennesaw by 7:15, for his eight o’clock game. I listened to my book in the car until 7:40. Then Will said he was hungry, but I thought it was too close to game time. Then we learned the game before his had started way late, and Will’s game won’t start until 8:30…so I made a run to the nearby Burger King. Will was hacked that I inadvertently packed ‘the wrong socks’…his new red team pair don’t stretch high enough, so he couldn’t wear his pants up at his knees like Chipper used to, so he had to play with them down, almost to his ankles, like LaRoche. He looked like a different player. He did fine in his game…you’ll get the recap. He did take strike three with runners on second and third, and he walked the leadoff batter in both of the innings he pitched…both of them scored. I keep it all positive for the grandparents. By the way, the only way I got all that detail about Will’s first game was thanks to the guy keeping score for the other team. He almost does as good a job as I do…keeping track of pitch counts and assigning errors and stolen bases. With a few more conflicts with Matthew’s games, I will be relying on him more during the season. I was supposed to meet the guys in my small group for the 9:30 screening of Dick & Jane. I told them I’d be late, but by the time we got back from the game, all I could do was drop Will off and drive the two miles to the theatre. I got there right when the movie was letting out, so I got to chat with them for a while. My family may be leaving me, to make a quick trip to SC. Our PC at home died, and Ceil can't make it 'til we go at Easter, to pick up the PC her dad is giving us. I may pull a Lang and play golf Sunday afternoon. Hope you didn't stay up for the GT & UGA games last night. I like the SEC throwback uniforms, of course. They'll make me watch more of the SEC tourney.

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