Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Napped on Saturday afternoon and actually though for a while that Wake had beaten Duke. Saw the end of the ACC championship game.

At the Mexican restaurant Friday night they had on the Big East Syracuse-Pitt game, and one guy was trying to communicate that he wanted the channel changed to the ACC...with little success.

Will says his elbow is hurting, that he is ok as he doesn’t air it out. I told him to take it easy this week (which is hard for him)and see how it feels toward the end of the week, since there is no game until Saturday.

The trip locale is still under debate, regarding Boston versus SF. As for dates, I’m waiting for the dates of the three weeks I’ll be training in Chicago, before I commit on the vacation. Hopefully Chicago won’t interfere with the July Myrtle Beach trip, or I’ll be very unpopular.

One possibility is to plan the work trip I’m supposed to take. I could work for two or three days and take the family. My flight would be paid for, and the family would use the AirTran vouchers. The hotel would be paid for at least four nights. We could fly in on Saturday or Sunday morning. After I work a couple of days, we could stay another day or two. This would also take car of a rental car…my boss said it would be ok. The rumor is the Boston office has Sox tickets that are often available. Ceil and the kids could sightsee while I work.

Boston is in my boss’s boss’s territory, which would be a good thing. We could do the same thing in SF.

We just got several stumps ground, which was definitely worth the money, looks wise.

Children’s Healthcare did a good job when Matthew came down with RSV when he was two months old. Matthew was born shortly after our friend’s baby had been stillborn. So this was a hectic time for Ceil. Will had an outpatient hernia operation there as well, when he was little.

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