Friday, March 24, 2006

The Week

Had fun umpiring part of Will’s game last night. Interesting double play.

A dad had a small TV at Will's game, so we saw Duke lose it at the end. Will almost didn't believe me when I gave him a play be play recap of the ending. Didn't stay up for the ends of the UCLA and Texas wins, but saw Thrashers highlights. How are your brackets? Was trying to get company NCAA tickets for tomorrow, but I haven't heard, which is bad.

Wish I could go the LPGA at Stockbridge, but I know that's going to be a hectic time. Both Will and Matthew have games on the 20th and Saturday. I have a meeting on the 21st. Will and I leave on his science trip the next Wednesday, so I miss work the last three days of the busiest time. I have to leave on time the day before for Will's game in Acworth, so I'm going to have to do my month end stuff sometime. Having a laptop will help, but I'll be a busy bee the last two weeks of April.

Super busy at work. My new laptop, my first ever, was delivered yesterday, but I haven't had time to play with it. I have no idea how to operate this new computer...battery? How to hook it up? I'll be much slower for a while. Maybe this afternoon.

How I figure out tough new problems / projects. When I complete something big/hard I think about celebrating with a special lunch. This week my boss has taken me/us out three times, including the entire small office the day Will was here. I need a lunch at my desk to catch up on personal stuff / pay bills. Next week my boss is out of town again, so I’ll be free to get the month end work done.

Got a ho-hum / semi-negative comment last week on my Fox blog, but didn’t respond to it.

Leading a golf tourney would be pressure, both in real life, as well as playing it as on the game.

BRAVES: Seems like a decent starter like John Thompson, making only 4.75M, would command a high return. Whatever they get will probably not seem like enough, though Thompson probably won’t be as effective elsewhere. Makes sense to keep Jordan. Another plus would be if Juries starts the year in the minors, it’d be another year before he would be eligible for arbitration, right? You pointed out that’s where they screwed up with Frucal.

See the SI fantasy rankings? Most interesting was at catcher, where McCann was 17 and Estrada next to last, with Salty as a sleeper. That trade is looking better all the time…freeing up salary space to boot, and isn’t one of those pitchers we got looking real good?

I’m thankful that nothing has ever been screwed up on my mortgage, though when we refinanced a few years ago the guy quoted one closing cost and the day of closing snuck through a higher cost. I caught it and gave him a piece of my mind, but decided to go ahead with the closing anyway. Thought about lodging a complaint with the BBB, but never did.

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