Friday, March 31, 2006

Tale of Two Sons

My best friend in college writes:
Tonight is the Pike County High Senior Play and Will is one of the stars - so I am going to see that tonight and tomorrow (there are two showings), and then have a family birthday party on Saturday evening.

Ward, our US Marine, is scheduled to go to Iraq in August as an air traffic controller. More on that later when we have more details. I am not worried or fretting over this (sure I will be sad if something bad happens), but I have given Ward to God, and I pray that God's will be done in Ward's life, whatever that will is.

After all, we only have the young'un's a short while - really they were born not to stay with us, but to accomplish great things in God's plan for their adult lives. As parents, we just do the job of preparing them for greatness, so to speak, and I am at peace with myself and the job I did at raising Ward and Jane.

Other news...Elizabeth Musser will be home for an open house April 22 from 5-9 pm at her parent’s house.

Becky Norman and I are two of the chaperons on the boys’ five day science class expedition to Jekyll Island at the end of April, which is sure to be an adventure. Becky may help a Roswell mom we know, whose husband is suffering from ALS.

Claire Whitaker, Edie and Reid’s daughter, is getting married at SPdL on April eighth. Today Reid tells me that Dr. Ralph Langley just backed out from doing the service, not wanting to serve communion to a non-church member groom. It could be he didn’t want to leave a sick wife in Alabama. John Condra has agreed to pinch hit. And the groom’s passport has yet to arrive! That's bad that this wedding stuff is coming up at the last minute. Stuff like that doesn't bother some people, but it always gets me.

Ron and Judy Watts’ daughter was recently married in Birmingham. The Whitakers went. Older brother Marty helped officiate…he is a minister of music at a church in Griffin…FBC?

Here’s the latest info on Anna’s recital: Anna will dance in two recitals on May 20th at the Eastside Baptist Activities Center, at 11 am and at 2 pm. Her dress rehearsal is the day before, at 6:30 pm. It’s not often I find the info sheet! Sunny Freund will be dancing at one of these recitals as well.

My dad turns 75 today. Ceil’s dad turns 75 in late May. Her brother turns 50 next week.

The time of Will’s weekend games changed, so he cannot play this weekend, unless they get into the championship round. Matthew is "hitting" .522, going 12 for 23…not bad after a slow start.

Interesting SI article on blogging. As usual, I am far behind the curve! They didn't mention Lang.

My scorekeeping to the rescue...I’ve got Matthew’s coach buzzing about the stats, and helped correct a scoring dispute with the league office.

And I ‘charged’ from the stands onto the field during the Tuesday game, after the other team batted through the order. A good hitter showed up late. Instead of inserting him at the end of the order (wouldn't that be the correct place to put him? He'd bat earlier & get more at bats!). They waited and inserted him in the 3rd spot in the order, or after the 2nd hitter and before the boy that had batted 3rd. Isn’t that batting out of order? (Yes, according to my friend, who should know).

I am putting off doing some "hard" stuff here at work!

The majority taking the AJC Braves poll today think Devine should replace an injured Reitsma.


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