Monday, April 03, 2006

Top Ten

Submitted by Letterman readers…

Top Ten Inaccuracies in ‘The Da Vinci Code’

10. Jesus didn't have disciples named Sneezy, Happy or Doc.
9. No descendent of Jesus ever drummed for Judas Priest.
8. The Chalice couldn't be Super-Sized for an additional 39 cents.
7. Jesus never claimed to be the Lord of the Dance.
6. DaVinci's secret code: Dial 10-10-987 for long distance calls.
5. Judas didn't die from eating Pop Rocks and drinking Coke.
4. The mysterious albino was actually Michael Jackson
3. Mary Magdalene did not invent the phrase, "That's hot"
2. At the last supper, Jesus never said, "Judas, you're fired!"
1. Birkenstocks sandals?

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