Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tech Football Fiasco

Tech plays four home games in 19 days, all in the heat of early September. To make it worse, only one of the games is against an attractive opponent. They were one of the first to sell out and make money more important than fans, students, or athletes. One of the games is Thursday night. That’s great for me watching at home, but there will be no attendance records set this year, by a long shot.

Sept 2 vs. Notre Dame…labor day weekend, but the Irish fans will come in droves.
Sept 9 vs. Samford
Sept 16 vs. Troy State
Sept 21 vs. Virginia…Thursday night

Prediction…after beating up little Samford and Troy State the players will have the big head, and with a short week to prepare, there’s no way Tech will beat Virginia on national TV.

The rest of the home schedule isn’t much better. The only game that’ll be a sure sellout is Miami, but to make sure more Tech fans show up than Miami fans, they made it the homecoming game.

Oct 7 Maryland
Oct 28 Miami…homecoming
Nov 18 Duke

Schedules are set years in advance, and tweaked from year to year. Perhaps Chan and the new AD will ramp things up a little, but it looks like another forgettable fall for GT football. Look for Calvin Johnson to go pro after all this.

Good thing baseball lasts until almost November!

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