Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Blogging Blues

I was thinking about mass emails Sunday while reading the AJC…the computer guy in the business section wrote about the same thing. His opinion was that you shouldn’t email anything that you wouldn’t pay postage for. I'm hopefully not at all like some people who forward messages constantly…I’m sure you know what I mean.

NovelChick's post is great. I agree completely, especially with the second part. I try and have the same attitude, as everyone certainly doesn’t need to be force fed my opinions. My boss certainly agrees. Under the same broad category as someone putting a W on the back of their SUV. I have been guilty lately of sending coworkers some jokes I’ve considered funny, to be a part of things a little.

My mindset on that entire Fox Sports blog “community” is that the demographic is much younger than me, perhaps twentysomethings & younger, with lots more time on their hands. It is neat how the whole thing is set up to have people respond to each other’s posts. I have some Mets and Cubs fans monitoring my posts. Like me, Ceil thought the “attack” was funny. Should I not be honored? The guy got carried away, so it’s hard to figure if it was real or fake. But coward was the word I thought of us as well, since most times you can see who’s making comments. I did tweak my reply a little Friday afternoon.

Any blogger is vulnerable based on what is posted. I’ve thought I should be more careful with names. I’ve been sending more of my stuff to my parents, since they’re not able to be in the middle of things. I know that’s putting me at risk for their editorial comments on how we run our lives. I was also thinking how if interests are filled in on Blogspot, then more readers might find it (not that they’re flocking to me!).

Yesterday I wrote a long recap of Lang’s sister’s wedding. The wedding was pretty entertaining. Lang’s parents liked it, though I included warts and all.

We didn’t have any storm damage.

Didn’t get to see much of the Braves this weekend. Yesterday I listened to a lot on the radio. The press is hopefully making a big deal about pitching, but it keeps coming up in my mind as well. Frenchy (I don’t love that name, instead I’ll call him JF) let another one sail…hopefully that’s not cause for concern. Looked like it would’ve been a close play.

Got an email from Hands on Atlanta asking for volunteers to sell the Jersey Off Our Backs raffle tickets Wednesday night at the Ted, from the time gates open through the 4th inning. I’d like the go to the game, but I’ll pass on the offer. It’s going to be a busy week, so I doubt we’ll go Wednesday.

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