Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Goings On...

Busy days, between running the van to the shop and hanging in my boss’s office, covering for a co-worker out on sick leave. For the next week I’ll be trying to get ahead at work and preparing for this Jekyll trip next Wednesday with Will’s science class.

Braves are coming close but falling short a lot, but still too early in the season to worry much. Lots of people on the Mets bandwagon.

Uneventful trip to SC…the kids swam Saturday. Ate on the way up Friday at the Beacon drive-in in Spartanburg, a place I had seen on the Turner South Blue Ribbon show. Father in law ate there 50 years ago. Now its run down a bit, not in the best part of town. There was a decent crowd there. Burgers were better than the Varsity, they had corn dogs, grilled chicken, BBQ, real pies. The rings and fries were awful. After we left we drove a mile and saw a sparkling drive in whose lot was filled with people in 60s and 70s restored cars, a place that looked a lot better.

See Glory Road? It’s at the Picture Show, but not the late movie. Would like to take the son.

See where there at Johnson Ferry and Upper Roswell, where the pine straw stand was, they’re putting a Trader Joe’s, a California discount gourmet grocer, similar to the Whole Foods market. Also a California Pizza.

John Kincaid was asking Kasten and JS whether JF should be sent to the minors. Both said it was too early to panic, and even if they did, it wouldn't be a big deal. Many have struggled before, like Justice, Murphy…even Mantle and Mays. I don't think Mays or Andruw had to go back to the minors. I really enjoy hearing Kasten on with Buck and Kincaid. JS said he hadn't had a long conversation with Glavine yet, but both had returned cell calls to each other. JS thought that Glavine was ok after reading the entire chapter in context, but admitted he regretted not aged an additional qualifying sentence to introduce the chapter…how Glavine was such a competitor, etc.

Turned down dugout seats for last night, since Will had a game. A co-worker was taking a customer with the other two tickets. Another co-worker said he couldn't because he was taking his son to play golf. I asked why he didn't go to the game. So he did…without his son!

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