Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Under the Weather

After golfing in a very light drizzle early Sunday, Will and I worked in the yard until dark, raking gumballs and shoveling wood chips and sawdust. Will blew the driveway. By the time we were finished, the yard looked half decent. But that evening I had started wheezing, not uncommon considering all the pollen and dust I had been around. I forgot about Matthew’s breathing machine medicine until I was on the way to work Monday. It’s not uncommon the day after I have an asthma ‘attack’ for a headache to hit, and since I took little medication throughout the day, a backache came along as well. Will wanted to stay after work and work on his Great Plains project, so I crashed on the floor.

On the way home in the thunderstorm we had to run some errands. At Kroger we had a problem with the prescription, and I had to make an extra trip to the car in the rain. I had Will run in to the library by himself. Ceil had arrived by the time we made it home, but I felt so bad I went straight to bed. A quick nap, plus the breathing machine, had me feeling better, so I ate and watched 24. This morning I needed another quick hit on the breathing machine, but now I feel better.

My boss actually had an idea about how to get me a promotion, which was nice. He was probably thinking about it more since I had been bringing it up so much, and since I’m getting more of the runoff work since the other managers are overwhelmed. He also told me to take the family out for dinner on the company, which he does from time to time.

Got a card in the mail from the Braves, with the 40th anniversary team photo. Don’t know everyone…who was number 12 the first year? Glenn Hubbard seems to appear twice in the photo. Nice that they included several free agent defections and flops, like Wohlers, Furcal, Mazzone, and Glavine. Who are the two women? Neither appear to be Princess Poke-a-single. I remember them using a Suzie in the advertising one year in the 70’s, but neither appears to be her. Interesting Ernie Johnson appears in coat and tie, as a broadcaster, as opposed to in uniform…and no other broadcasters appear. And why did they pick that batboy?

The AJC made a small deal about this being the Braves’ 41st season in Atlanta. Last year was the 40th season, but this year is the 40th anniversary of the first season, so the Braves terminology is correct.

Will Diaz make the team? And if so, will he take Kelly Johnson’s spot?

Lang’s dad says he has 28,000 cards. He is big into NBA cards and builds set by buying boxes of packs and opening one or two packs a day, to stretch it out.

I was wondering why the ND/Michigan game was on so late, then I saw that it was OT, but my mind wasn't working right at the time. I was overwhelmed by Clemson being on one channel, the Hawks on another, and 24 on Fox. Later on Spike TV's 'Pros vs. Joes', the Pro team included Xavier McDaniel (who had put on some weight, but wasn't fat), former Carolina Panther Kevin Greene, and former A's pitcher Dave Stewart.

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