Friday, April 27, 2007

April 18th Notes

Our group left early Friday and got back yesterday evening…another group left this morning and will come back Sunday evening. Most of the HS student leaders went down last Wednesday and stay the whole time. We won’t go next year, but perhaps in 2009 when Anna is in sixth grade. Will could be one of the leaders starting next year, and I can go on other senior high retreats with him starting next fall.

Yes, Redman was such a bargain, and it’s too early to tell about LF and IB…I read DOB this morning, and have agreed about Johnson coming along. Would be nice if it got warmer. Last night I listened to some on the radio, and later watched a good chunk of the game on TV.

Damon here at work played with Michael Barrett and the Houston SS.

Last Thursday Will’s team was winning real big, and won something like 19 – 11. Will started and pitched 3 no-hit innings, allowing one baserunner in each of the first 2 innings. I let Russell pitch for the first time…he threw strikes, and they hit him. Then I let embattled pitcher Curtis go an inning, with about the same result. Big Andrew cranked one to the centerfield fence, ran out of gas chugging to third, and barely slid under the tag for a triple…as we howled in the dugout.

Saturday they lost without Will and Andrew. Coach Frank started his son Clay, who had trouble finding the strike zone. Clay did great a couple of times coming in to pitch in relief, so perhaps that’ll be his role.

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