Thursday, April 05, 2007


Last night I didn’t do much except watch the game. But I did go online and buy 5 tickets to the SF/Pirates game. The Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday games are all day games, so I thought we’d maximize our time by going to the night game. Our seats are in left center, lower level. Ceil didn’t want upper level, which would’ve given us the view of the bay. The bleacher seats in right center were almost gone…they didn’t have three seats together. When I tried to buy in that section a few weeks ago, that section wasn’t available for purchase. I’ll wait a month to buy the hotel accommodations.

Sometimes we venture up to John’s Creek for lunch. There’s a guy that likes this Greek pizza place up there…I think the name is Sal’s. I‘ve heard a lot about Shane’s, but have never been.

Ceil was in such pain before Tuesday’s operation that she’s relieved now. Yesterday and today she’s run around on Easter errands. Last night she went out to I got to see most of the game last night, including McBride’s one pitch to Ryan Howard, Thorman’s HR, and Wickman’s save. As Joe mentioned on air, the one hit Wickman gave up came when he missed McCann’s mitt. So far, so good. Then I flipped over and the Mets were winning 10 nothing. Slow start by the Cards, huh?

Monday night after picking up Will from science, we went over to the Ewings to get Will’s mower and blower. Matthew played in the rain while I talked to Jim.

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