Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter Recap

Made it to SC for the birthday dinner. Good steak. Came back to the in-laws house and caught up on the Friday Master’s round after seeing the Braves were in such trouble. Saturday was more Masters, and I caught up on Will’s team stats (he’s 9th on the team in average and 11th in OBP…but leads his travel team in both categories). Sunday morning I discovered my slacks were left in Atlanta. We drove through Augusta while Tiger was on the 14th hole, and picked up my car at work at 8 pm. All the Moes were closed by then, as was Chipotle…so the kids ate Taco Bell.

Jekyll trip should be fun. I was checking the list, and a majority of kids on the trip will have parents along as a counselor. Amazing considering there’s about 150 total on the trip. Ceil, Anna, and Matthew will be unable to go on the secret trip, so they’ll take bikes and ride around Jekyll. Side note…Jim Ewing said they started riding bikes on Jekyll years ago, and the bike Jenny gave Ceil got it’s start on Jekyll. Ceil will be taking it back. I’ll be driving Becky Norman’s 15 passenger van on the first leg of the trip, from Woodstock to Macon. Usually women drive vehicles with the girls, and men drive the boys. Becky has a problem driving early in the morning.

Funny Callaway ad with Nick Price and Paula Creamer.

Confession: I do like Q100 in the mornings. Completely by happenstance last year I was at a bank when they started setting up for a remote, and got my picture taken with Melissa Carter. I was able to chat with her about what they had talked about that morning on the show.

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