Thursday, August 28, 2008

Aren't You the Husband of...?

Wednesday night before the Braves game I had a very brief chat with Marlins catcher Matt Treanor, husband of Olympic Beach Volleyball gold medalist Misty May-Treanor. While we were speaking, she was in NYC taping the David Letterman Show. He later threw my 9 year old son Matthew a batting practice ball.

Will’s friend Preston was first hollering at one pitcher, saying he was from Tennessee as well. Then Blaine Boyer caught a ball and Preston immediately started razzing him, about how Pope HS was going to beat Walton in every sport…football, baseball, basketball, tennis… Boyer was ignoring this, until Preston said tennis. Then Boyer turned around, with a huge smile, and said “Tennis!? I’ll give you tennis, both not the others!” And they had a quick exchange.

And I’m happy to report that while I took four other teenage boys to batting practice, I was the only one to snag a home run ball on the bounce (Will and David Norman dove under seats and outscrambled others for balls as well). I wasn't chasing balls, but one hit a seat a few rows behind me and bounced to my left, right into my outstreched palm. Really!

Jim was the GT BSU friend of Fred O and Steve Norman…older than guys like me and Yearwood. Chattahoochee Baptist Church I believe is the small church a mile south of mighty Johnson Ferry Baptist in East Cobb. I think a young Rick Statham once served there, as well as at Johnson Ferry, before moving to McDonough.

Becky says the last time she heard, he was at a church in Texas. She thinks that perhaps his kids are grown, and wants to move back to Georgia. Becky also thought she remembered Fred O and Steve discussing how Jim’s theology? was a little different than Fred O’s.

Yearwood googled Jim and found an article from a few years back in the Texas Baptist Newspaper where a Haskell (commenting about the squabbles at Baylor) says he went to Georgia Tech, a place “all graduates celebrate”, and he identifies himself as the pastor of Georgetown (Texas) First Baptist Church. We do not remember meeting him in person – but I think I was three years after Fred O. - so I guess Jim’s coming back home to Atlanta.

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