Monday, August 04, 2008


Rough week, but month-end didn’t turn out too bad. But today my whole group is still having a hard time catching up due to meetings, emergencies, etc. I’ve been over for several hours meeting with my friend the Ogre, working on a most helpful project. One project me and the Ogre did last month really pleased the Atlanta GM…my boss’s boss.

Nice win last night. Don’t know the weekend plans…nothing much. Will has a meeting, he’s teaching kindergarten at NP this next year and has a meeting tomorrow AM, then bowling with classmates. He’s spending the night to the Norman’s. Yesterday he stepped on a nail and it really bled, last night he was hobbling around. I joked that the Prowlers wanted him to play, and he said he was ready.

Our small group is having a social Sunday night.

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