Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Braves Facebook Page

I’ve been going on Facebook more often, and have been taking Braves quizzes and trivia contests. My trivia score was rising and I’ve decided to overtake Ben, Will’s basketball teammate. Then I saw some high scores and thought, that’s not too tough. Last night I saw those were only weekly scores…the all-time scores are ten times higher. Never mind.

Then I checked out the Braves Facebook blogs, which are basically just where everyone posts about the Braves in one place. I quickly pecked out a few paragraphs about possible changes for next year and sent it off. They liked it and posted it a couple of days later…and I saw I misspelled a word in the first paragraph.

This weekend I discovered pictures from Will’s rafting trip and forwarded the email that they had come in on. When I got to work Monday my mailbox was “full”…because of the format those pictures had been send in. They’re now posted below…photos of recurring characters Abby, MaryKathryn, Holt, Spencer, and Kyle.

A family from our small group just started teaching first grade at NP during the 11:00 hour, and Will is teaching Kindergarten during the 9 am hour.

Yesterday I was in meetings all day, so I got little done.

This weekend we watched the opening ceremonies on Friday night, attended at season-ending baseball cookout Saturday, and crashed a birthday party Sunday night, trying to pick up Will. Just had a big plumbing snafu at home this afternoon.


Melissa said...

Hey Dave- how do I find you and add you as a friend on facebook? Look me up- I'm under Melissa Simms- and add me. There are a ton of old SPdL people on there, there's even a group called "I was in the SPdL Youth Group in the 80s and 90s"!

David said...