Thursday, August 21, 2008

Larry Legend on the Dan Patrick Show

Will and I watched most of the volleyball final last night, from about 10:30 to 11:45. On the way home last night Dan Patrick was funny, saying Bolt was celebrating before the finish, by texting the Patrick radio show, holding up large signs, etc. Then Larry Bird came on and said he was ok with that, as long as it fired the guy up, and if he could back it up. Bird said he once came out of a timeout and told Xavier McDaniel that Bird was going to hit the gamewinning shot over him...and he did. Bird thinks Kobe is the best basketball player, and that Barkley was unstoppable in the Olympics because no country had anyone to stop him.

I listened to Dan Patrick last night instead of the Braves. Sounds like I didn’t miss anything.

We had a sales meeting last night at “Hi Life”…a fancy restaurant in Peachtree Corners. It was good, but not worth the drive. The little shopping center it’s in isn’t the nicest, either.

Unbeknownst to me, once Ceil left her purse in our locked car in the parking lot of the church we went to in Buckhead. This was around 1990. Someone busted the window and took the purse, and we never saw it again. I had to block all the credit cards, etc.

I typed up an email reply today…and sent it to the wrong person! When I hit reply it acted funny, so I just copied the email onto a new email so I wouldn’t lose what I typed. Then I sent it to someone else by mistake.

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