Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Excitement at the Pool

Our neighborhood pool is next to the busy Hwy 120, just down a short hill. Just before Matthew and I got there last night around 8 pm, a big white Chevy Suburban had veered off the road, gone down the hill, and smashed the fence surrounding the pool.
See the play where the ump called out the Ray for making a move toward second last night?
Bad call, I thought...makes me root for the Rays all the more. Good comments on Rowlands Office, by the way, regarding a dream Series. Funny about if it was the Rays and Marlins.

"Wilt" has a basketball "camp" Friday and Saturday (the team is spending the night together Friday night). Will chose this over going to SC to see his cousins AND playing golf.

The announcers were also questioning the move to take Reyes out. They were also talking about how overworked the bullpen is. When they send out that Tavares guy, to me it's the signal that they've given up.
I think Kotsay might want to play closer to the West Coast.

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