Friday, August 08, 2008


Interesting about Farve. Can’t fault him for wanting to play football while he still can. The Packers were in a tough position. So he has a big ego and is media-savy...that's what it often takes to be the cream of the crop.

I always hate to see an old pro go out with a different team…Unitas with the Chargers, Namath with the Rams, Emmitt Smith with the Cards, Griffey Jr with the White Sox, Murphy with the Rockies, Dorsett with the Broncos, etc, etc, etc…Montana with the Chiefs, Franco with the Seahawks, OJ with the 49ers, Eric Dickerson with the Falcons, Wade Boggs with the Devil Rays, MJ with the Wizards, etc.

Olympic excitement for me has gone downhill after 1996. I’ll watch if Ceil is, but I’d rather watch the Braves.

Noticed Terrance Moore’s column on Skip last night…wasn’t that the one where one of the first commenters said it was one of the best columns he had ever written? Nice that Moore shared some personal conversations he'd had with Skip.

Our internet service is with Bellsouth. Today here at work the internet is really slow, just about useless. Don’t know why.

Been swimming a lot at the neighborhood pool, since Matthew has taken to swimming more. We’ve been the last three nights. He and Anna have been swimming more next door with the 7-year old neighbor girl.

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