Sunday, November 07, 2010

Retreat Recap: Day Three

Thursday morning we are greeted in front of hotel by two ducks. Didn't know we were staying at the Peabody. Breakfast is at Anastasia Park, followed by Transect Line studies. Mr. Rees joins me to observe, but doesn't want to stay in the sun long. I photograph up and down both lines, then climb back up the dune to leave. Mr. Rees is still on the far away north line, helping.

Mr. Leiner and I serve chips at lunch. BBQ and Doritos are most popular. When John fumbles Tia's chips, she hopes this isn't his day job (it is!). I notice the napkins say "Home Sweet Home" and hope they don't make a young student even more homesick.

MARY HURT texts me, asking if Haley is near. I call, and Haley gets to talk to her mom...and Margaret. Next MC takes a turn on the phone. Then Holt grabs the phone, flashes his smile, and settles in for a conversation. Suddenly I'm reminded of a Seinfeld episode. Somehow, I manage to stay out of trouble.

After lunch the groups compile their transect findings on the picnic tables. Leader Kara sits at the table while teaching, while also watching after little Kassie. Suddenly Kara looks around in a panic. "Where's Kassie! WHERE"S KASSIE!" "I'm right here!" comes Kassie's reply. Kassie had been sitting on the table, RIGHT IN FRONT OF KARA!

Kara and Joel prepare their team for the Scavenger Hunt. The Retreat One hunt had fueled the Servant Leader's competitive fires. Kara and Joel kept screaming "WE'RE GONNA WIN!" Later, during the grueling three hour ordeal, Kara was dragging while Joel forged ahead. I reminded Kara of their mantra: "WE'RE GONNA WIN!"

The SCAVENGER HUNT sent the six teams scampering throughout St. Augustine's historic shopping district on foot, trying to photograph clues strategically laid out by Mr. Landrum and Mrs. Smith. The marathon was a hit with the students, and didn't seem to bother the merchants or tourists. One of the clues had been unfortunately removed, causing great confusion, and turning the scavenger hunt into somewhat of a wild goose chase. The winner? Joel & Kara's team.

The chap men helped the D's get the water station set up around 3 pm. Then Mrs. D told me that 7 pm tonight would be a good time for an original chaperone skit. Uh, sure! I gathered Mr. Rees and Leiner and started casting. The rest of the afternoon was spent brainstorming and prepping the chaps on what to do. The Chaps kept trading roles. Mrs. Zech was Mrs. D, then Mrs. Smith was, then Mrs. Zech. Mrs. Smith would play herself, then she had other duties to fulfill. Mrs. Wiggins was Mrs. Hanson, then Mrs. Smith. It was chaos.

After dinner the chaps retreated next door to rehearse. (They'd tell you it was to just get a general idea of what was going on). More chaos. I knew that Mrs. Howell was a ham, that Mr. Taylor was an excellent alligator. I hadn't the slightest how Mr. Rees, Mrs. Phearson, or Mrs. Wiggins would do. Without time, all we could do was give it a whirl.

CHAP SKIT: a play in six acts.

1. At the DNA lab, the D's discover the test failed. Rees and Zech amaze as the D's, with wonderful accents and mannerisms.

2. The next day, the UF researcher (Mr. Leiner) sees that perhaps the test WAS a success. Exclaiming "Well hello Dolly!" (a DNA joke) he treats a toy gator & octopus, the grow into Mr. Taylor & Mr. Phearson. Mickey's roar makes Simeon cry.

3. Mrs. Howell surprises an unknowing Mrs. Hanson, reinacting Denise's TWO trips over the transect line. Students point out a Calico Crab (Mr. Phearson), who turns out to be a Mimic Octopus. Mr D (Rees) films and Mrs Smith (Wiggins) assists, before being tripped by Mrs. Hanson (Howell).

4. Hanson (Howell) discovers the turtle, then trips over it. Turtle (Phearson) turns out to be the Mimic Octopus.

5. On the long Scavenger Hunt, Mrs. Smith (Wiggins) has plenty of time to shop...before being run over by students running past. Mrs. Wiggins took the role and made it her own, drawing lots of laughs.

6. Gator and Octopus prepare to battle. Hanson (Howell) screams for help, remembering she was saved by a superhero in last year's chap skit. Out pops Krypto to save the day. Allison wonders what happened, as this Krypto was quite heavier (& more grey). But in a dramatic twist, just as Krypto prepares to act, he is tripped by "Mrs. Hanson." Then ANOTHER dramatic twist: The Gator turns out to be a Mimic Octopus himself, a close friend of the other octopus.

The skit was chaos, yet drew a tremendous response. Without detailed costumes there is some confusion about what transpired. Even though my appearance was met with chants of "Krypto! Krypto!" I was asked afterwards what the K stood for. During singing, Mrs. Smith says "We'll need another five acts tomorrow night"

She's joking, right?

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