Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Departure Announcement

From: Artie
Sent: Wednesday, March 14, 2012 12:01 PM
To: all users
Subject: Announcement

Click on link or visit Artie to access the personnel announcement. Please distribute and/or post for employees without email access. Thank you.


date: March 14, 2012

to: All Employees

From: Tom Arnold

Subject: Announcement

Thomas Evangelista, Executive Vice EZGo VMI Protector & Chief Electronics Wizard, has decided to pursue a new career opportunity FAR outside of the metals service center industry, and therefore will resign effective March 16, 2012. We sincerely thank Thomas for his contribution to the business and his 23 months of semi-loyal service and wish him many Chick-fil-A’s in the future.

Upon Thomas’ departure, Tricia “Bean” Mashburn will assume Sandra Born’s role of interim Chief Harasser of Chunky Monkey Baldwin, and will hopefully remain until Bill makes her a permanent employee. Bill is ideally suited to eat rolls, with nearly 35 years of experience doing so. Bill was most recently seen fabricating small woodland creatures from old wood logs with a chain saw, in the mountains west of Ellijay, Georgia. Prior to that he was CFO in charge of renovating the interior of his boat, which could be found docked at Lake Lanier during summer months. He knows a CPA in the State of Georgia and holds a Master Catalog from Sears Roebuck, which he has absolutely no need of. Bill is also experienced in delaying employee anniversary celebrations, much to the chagrin of Dennis Arrowood (do not mention the word “cake” around Dennis). Bill will operate from the Ryerson’s Contract Group’s sleek new top floor headquarters in Norcross.

The transition between Thomas and Tricia began on March 5th, if you didn’t notice.

I would ask you to join with me in wishing Thomas some modicum of success in the distant future, and welcoming Tricia to the Ryerson team.

Tom Arnold

Former Moderately Successful Sit-Com Actor

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