Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Long, Eventful Weekend

Last Thursday night I stayed home from Trivia to get ready for our out of town guests. David Hurt had been thinking about going, then wasn't going, then finally went. Will, Joel, and Kevin beat the Hurt Family. I stayed up until almost 1:30 am cleaning. Watched Kate & Leopold while I cleaned.

Friday I was able to get caught up some at work. I was obviously tired, and I remained tired the rest of the weekend. Five of us took departing employee Thomas out for lunch at Dave & Busters. He had teriyaki steak. I had a grilled chicken Caesar salad. That night we had homemade pizza. Seems like everyone went off somewhere, and I stayed home and washed dishes.

On the way home from work I followed Will's Peachtree City game on my phone. He got hits his first three times up, including a double. The catcher and shortstop were late to the game, so Will had to start behind the plate. Later he moved to third, made a play, then played shortstop while Perry pitched. They lost 3-1, mostly due to four errors and no hitting.

Dawn's daughter Rachel needed to take pictures for a school project, so we toured Oakland Cemetery. I had never been. Dawn thought it was a great idea. Saw the graves of Margaret Mitchell, historian Franklin Garrett, Confederate VP Alexander Stevens, and Maynard Jackson. Couldn't find Bobby Jones. Rachel also took pictures at Little Five Points and the Plaza Theater, at Ponce & Highland. She bought her prom dress in Virginia Highland, then we took the back streets to Lenox Square. The mall was crowded, almost like Freaknik. Still, I drove straight to a front row covered parking place right by the Bloomingdales door.

We had lunch at the Corner Tavern in Little Five Points. I had the special, a double burger with cheese and a fried egg, served on a waffle bun. Ceil had a Greek salad, Dawn a grilled eggplant sandwich, Matthew a grilled cheese, and Anna and Rachel got turkey sandwiches. Saturday night Ceil cooked pork tenderloin and mashed potatoes.

Sunday morning we went to the 11 am Passion Service. We had a group of eleven on our row. Dawn had been asking about what went on for two hours, but afterwards she said she loved it. Thirty minutes of singing, 13 minutes for announcements and the offering, an hour of preaching, and 15 more minutes of singing. The girls went to lunch with a friend, and I went home and crashed. Watched a PBS special on the Carter Presidency. Later I picked up the girls, then even later I had to go get Matthew.

Monday I worked late, then we had grilled chicken strips, spinach, and spinach salad.

The latest Sports Illustrated finally came, with all the March Madness info. Big article on Brittney Griner, and a little on some other women's teams, but nothing on Delaware. Article on Antoine Walker, who lost over 100 million dollars. He now plays in the D league for Boise, and is 40 pounds overweight.

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