Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hunger Games Premier

Thursday night C, A, and M went to the midnight premiere of The Hunger Games. Have you read those books? Several adults have said they were great. I haven’t read them. A girl Anna performed with in The Wiz is a supporting character in the movie, and gets killed off once the actual games begin. Daughter of Kelly Lintz, who used to host “The Ten Before” announcements at NP.

Joel, Kevin, and I finished one point behind the winners in Thursday night trivia. The Hurt family had been beating us going into the last question, then we passed them. Working a half day Friday, then heading to Chattanooga for baseball.

Not a productive Thursday. Spent all morning walking over a mile all over our complex looking for lost material. Walked well over a mile. Turned out the vendor never shipped it. This afternoon I’ve been pricing parts in the conference room. Dropped a diet coke and it exploded, and I was drenched.

Walking around the plant always takes time, because I run into co-workers I only see once every year or two. Talked to Johnny, Sweatman, Lanney, Greg, Stan, Charles, Mike, Jarrod, Leigh, two Georges, and a maintenance man whose name I always forget. Vic is my age, and attended the game at Lakewood Stadium when we won the state championship, rooting for Douglas High. Hung was a neighbor of the Eatons, in the apartments off Lindburgh. Greg’s brother used to cut Lang’s hair in Buckhead.

Dominique is not the most eloquent of announcers. Lang would do a better job.

Maybe Lin is like Tebow…really good in the fourth quarter.

Any thoughts about Chipper’s announcement? Hope he has a good year, to quiet those who think he should’ve quit sooner. But they won’t be happy, even if he plays 162 games with MVP numbers.

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