Monday, March 26, 2012

Home Grown

Then yesterday Ceil was talking about wanting to try a place called …further east on Memorial Drive. Menu looks good, but its only open for lunch. When Ceil looked at the menu, it wasn't what she expected, but she's still like to go. They were written up in the April Atlanta magazine. When we went to Oakland Cemetery Saturday a week ago, we almost ate at Six Feet Under. There were a few good-looking restaurants down there.

Sunday I watched a bunch of the Hawks game, but the kids came in and changed the channel. Now Sunday nights everyone comes over to our house for pancakes. Joel, Mary-Clayton, and Lucy. Joel stuck around until well after 11 pm. I went to bed, but they were singing praise songs. He was playing our little-used piano and Matthew's guitar, so it was like a music lesson for Matthew. Will was in the adjoining room, studying.

Saturday night Will worked backstage at the Talent Show that MC had organized. Joel was a judge!

I didn't fill out a NCAA bracket, and now I wish I had. Then I'd be more into the tourney. More interested in the women's tourney…Delaware, Baylor, GT, etc. Haven't looked, but I guess Notre Dame, Stanford, and UConn still remain as well.

Friday I left work shortly after noon, but halfway home Ceil called to say tonight's game had been cancelled. I turned around and came back to work. The afternoon went better than the morning did.

Interesting that for our kids, and their friends, Chipper has played for the Braves their entire life. Similar to me and Hank Aaron…but without the ending on the Brewers.

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