Monday, March 05, 2012

Trivia: March First

After staying until the end of Will’s Thursday night doubleheader, I hightailed it to Roswell for the second half of trivia. Joel had recruited Charles and Isaac to help.

1. POT POURI: What is the most popular last name in the USA? SMITH. Three points.

2. COFFEE: In what war did Americano coffee become popular? World War II. Five points.

3. LITERATURE: What classic John Steinbeck novel is about famers and their brothers? The Grapes of Wrath. Only a one point miss.

4: 1990's: What was the Spice Girls debut movie? Spice World. Another one point miss. Had I been there, I don’t think I would’ve remembered this.

5. NATURE: Which sex of mosquito bites? Female. Three points.

6. MOVIES: In the movie The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly, was Clint Eastwood good, bad, or ugly? Good. A five point miss. Like Joel, I would’ve had to guess.

7. ART: Which facial feature is missing on the Mona Lisa? Eyebrows. Five points. Joel knew this!?

8. JEWELRY: What country consumes the most diamonds? USA. One point.

9. FOOD & DRINK: What country consumes the most beer? China. A three point miss.

10. CAPITALS: Name the capitals of the following states: Minnesota (St.Paul), Missouri (Springfield), Pennsylvania (Harrisburg), New Hampshire (Concord), West Virginia (Charleston). Joel got four of five, missing on the Land of a Thousand Lakes.

11. POLITICS: What was Iran’s name before it was changed in 1934? I knew: Persia. Joel agreed. Six points.

12. GEORGIA: What 2 word fish is Georgia’s official state fish? Isaac thought it was the Blue Gill, which I had never heard of. I thought it was the Largemouth Bass. Joel flipped, and went with my answer. Two points.

13. SCIENCE: What was Sigmund Freud’s original branch of medicine? We didn’t know. I won’t tell you what I answered. Neurology was the correct answer. A four point miss.

14. OUTER SPACE: What planet rotates fastest around its own axis? We thought it was Mercury or Venus. Jupiter spins the fastest, followed by Saturn. No team got it right. A two point miss.

15. POT POURI: What is the name of a living plant that’s been pruned and trained into a specific ornamental shape? Isaac was first to answer Bonsai. Topiary was also accepted, like at Disneyland. Six points.

16. GEOGRAPHY: What country has the largest number of sheep? As we brainstormed, Joel suggested what turned out to be the correct answer: China. I talked him into answering Australia. Again, no team got this right. Another four point miss.

17. POT POURI: In 1888, what country held the first national beauty pageant? We didn’t know, so we went with Charles’ answer: France. It was Belgium. A two point miss.

18. DISNEY: At Walt Disney World, who or what pops out of the center tea pot in the It’s a Small World ride? Joel thought it was the Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. The correct answer was “a mouse.” A four point miss.

19. ACRONYMS: What does RADAR stand for? We didn’t know. Neither did any other team. I should’ve come up with a funny answer, like “Roswell’s Amazing Drinks And Rabble-rousers” It was Radio Detection And Ranging. A six point miss.

We had missed the last four questions, but it didn’t seem like many others teams were doing well, either. Before the final question, us DoorHinges were tied for third, four points behind second-place Bama, but 14 points behind a new team sitting at the bar. Sitting behind the brick fireplace, I got the idea of placing an empty coffee cup up on the ledge, and we started shooting little paper balls off the brick. Bad idea. Charles, Isaac, and Joel loved the idea…as did the young boy behind us. Caused a minor disruption.

20. FINAL: Name the five heaviest land mammals, from heaviest to 5th heaviest: Elephant, Hippo, Rhino, Giraffe, Buffalo. We didn’t think of the buffalo, perhaps because Joel was sure bears were so heavy (we talked him out of answering the lion). No one got all five in order, so we finished tied for third.

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